A Short Tale From Broke To Riches By Clark Williams

A Short Tale From Broke To Riches By Clark Williams

Influencers today are taking over the world in such a quick wave. In our time stamp 2020, being a YouTuber/Influencer/Entrepreneur is not only now a worthy career option but also something most kids dream of about becoming when they grow up.

A successfully scaled growing YouTuber goes to the name of Clark Williams, also known as OprahSide.
Clark considers himself just a normal kid born in Illinois, United States. He first began his career with YouTube back in 2016, when he would record himself playing video games online because of how talented a video gamer he was. Continuing on with his journey it did not take him long to reach 600k followers! Motivated by this early success he moved to California in 2017 and made a second YouTube channel in the sports reaction niche. Clark claims that although this genre of videos is very popular now, it was originally his idea long ago.

The monetization gained from sports reaction page brought much notoriety and led him to gain around 2 million subscribers! Same year, breaking records he then became a part of Faze Clan known as a professional gamer’s group. Later in 2019, Clark went a step further and launched a clothing brand named “Likemnds”. This was completely different than just regular YouTube merchandise. Clark then realized that clothing designing / creation was something more that he wanted to do forever, even after YouTube. “Likemnds” clothing brand dropped 2 seasons last year being in June and also December. Clark expects to grow and expand into a major streetwear brand over the next coming years. He says he’s known for many appearances some being as the basketball sports guy on YouTube, funniest tweeter on Twitter with over 300M impressions a month, and the guy with a lot of style on Instagram.

Something many people don’t realize about Clark is his passion for success in fashion design. Clark is aiming to be considered amongst the biggest fashion designer in the world one day. Clark’s potential throughout time is what keeps him so motivated to work hard and do well. He looks forward to not only the potential his clothing brand holds but also to all potential in new endeavors on YouTube.

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