Vanessa Donnelly Builds Her Skills To Gain A Place In the Fashion Industry

Vanessa Donnelly Builds Her Skills To Gain A Place In the Fashion Industry

When starting out on your own journey towards success there will be without a doubt obstacles for you to overcome and use to your advantage. In Vanessa Donnelly’s case, she very much had her fair share of misfortune but managed to build her future on a strong foundation.

Growing up, Vanessa Donnelly started her journey in Providence, RI and moved to Jacksonville, FL soon after. At the age of ten, she was uprooted again to Minneapolis, MN where her mother found a job as a librarian. This change led to Vanessa becoming interested in the fashion industry and molding her future career. 

When coming across a wall or obstacle there are a few directions to pick from. You can either decide you do not want to face the wall or find a way around, above, or through it. Vanessa faced her first wall as soon as her interest peaked in the fashion industry. She started by asking questions and getting help from those who had already started in the path. Shortly after though, they started “giving her the run around” and didn’t help at all. Vanessa then decided to bust through the obstacle by teaching herself how to sew and finding her own way in the industry. 

Vanessa is now a well-known fashion designer not only in Minnesota but also in LA. She has designed clothing for various celebrities and is continuing her career to pursue her clothing line of Zenobian Moxis.

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