A Solar Aerothermal Device For Space Heating Is Offered By A French Startup

A Solar Aerothermal Device For Space Heating Is Offered By A French Startup

A solar aerothermal system for space heating has been created by the French startup Solar Brother. With the help of the system’s PV panel, aerothermal heat pump module, and cassette filtration, homeowners can reduce their heating costs.

A solar heating system called SunAéro, which can heat and refresh the air in rooms ranging in size from 20 to 60 m³, has been introduced by Solar Brother.

The system uses a combination of thermal and photovoltaic energy to heat, refresh, or dehumidify the air in a house’s rooms. According to reports, householders can adjust the standard heating thermostat by 3 to 5 degrees Celsius.

According to pv magazine France, Gilles Gallo, president of Solar Brother, “SunAéro is a complete kit that incorporates a large number of electronic components.”

A controller, a 32 W solar panel manufactured by US company Maxeon, a ventilation grill, a connecting duct, Wi-Fi connectivity, an aerothermal heat pump panel measuring 103 cm by 76 cm by 7 cm, cassette filtration, and a fastening system are all included. It comes in black, white, or anthracite finishes.

The aerothermal device absorbs heat and warms the circulating air, while the filtration cassette collects and filters outside air. The latter acts as “the brain of the system,” directing the hot air flow in the direction of the area that needs to be heated.

The 600 W SunAéro aerothermal heat pump panel is lightweight, ultrathin, and has a lacquered aluminum frame with tempered glass. The thermal resistance of the insulation is roughly 0.5 m2/kW.

As per the manufacturer, installing the aerothermal panel with the filter cassette may be effortlessly managed by one person, despite its 20 kg weight. Installers can use one controller to regulate two or three solar panels for larger areas.

The photovoltaic panel powers the SunAéro unit entirely on its own. The aerothermal system’s fan can blast hot air into the house at a rate of 50 to 200 m3 per hour, depending on the settings. The space receives 3 to 5 degrees Celsius of heat from the injected air, which is between 20 and 40 degrees Celsius warmer than the outside air temperature at an airflow rate of 3 m/s.

When the sun sets, the system automatically shuts off. Once a year, the cassette filter can be maintained by washing it with a little water.

Using modular panels that are mechanically fastened to the wall with quick-release fasteners, SunAéro is a plug-and-play system that may be erected vertically or horizontally on the outside of a house facing the sun. Depending on whether it is installed on concrete or wood, a turnkey installation can be finished in one to three hours.