Enapi, an Interoperability Startup, Announces Launch Partners and Receives €2.5 Million

Enapi, an Interoperability Startup, Announces Launch Partners and Receives €2.5 Million

According to Enapi, the goal of its platform was to enhance communication between mobility service providers (MSPs) and charging point operators (CPOs).

Consider the example of a CPO who wants to provide roaming to show the kind of services the tech startup is talking about. In order to guarantee that customers of (other) MSPs can utilize the charging service, the CPO must link its charging stations to a roaming platform. Billing may be included, but it’s not as easy as it seems.

Enapi steps in at this point. The startup says it addresses modern problems like poor data quality, exorbitant pricing, and inadequate scalability. These problems can manifest for electric vehicle owners as erroneous information regarding the availability of charging stations and ambiguous public charging fees.

This will change when Enapi’s Transaction Broker uses the open protocol known as the OCPI standard to support EV charging transactions.

The technology has already been made exclusive to the invited companies, albeit the company has not yet released any information.

According to Enapi, the money would allow it to develop clearinghouse features to facilitate charge point connectivity at scale, grow its network, and improve the platform’s data quality.

Project A Ventures led the 2.5 million euro pre-seed round, in which Seedcamp and HelloWorld also participated.

Philipp Werner, Partner at Project A, comments: “The EV market is at an interesting inflexion point: Adoption is surging, but public charging is still far from being as seamless as conventional fuel charging. We firmly believe there is an opportunity for a reliable and scalable connectivity layer that will be industry-defining, and the founding team of Enapi have the domain and tech expertise to successfully build this infrastructure.”

Dennis Laumen and Jakob Kleihues founded Enapi. With 14 years of expertise in the EV sector, CTO Laumen was a key player in the founding of both OCPP and OCPI. Bonnet and the startup capital business provide him with his CEO.

According to Kleihues’ statement today, “Enapi plays a pivotal role in enabling charge point connectivity and creating streamlined collaboration to improve the way we charge our electric cars.”