A well known actor and singer shining as a star in the entertainment industry, Check out Who!

A well known actor and singer shining as a star in the entertainment industry, Check out Who!

Our audience is keen about reading stories of actors & singers creating a difference in the world. Your profile speaks volumes of the outstanding work you have done. Enlighten us about what you do!

Hassan Hayat Khan Debuting alongside Saboor Aly and Nimra Khan in Bhool, the actor has had an entry into the industry many wish for, and heís made sure his star shines bright through it all and the show gains popularity. While it may be an advantage, it is also a major disadvantage. You have to realize that the fraternity will critique the work that you’d do because you’re coming from the same place! Your first project becomes the biggest scrutiny ever. People used to come to me and say ‘we’re waiting to see what you do.

So what is more difficult, acting or music ? (Asked in an interview)

Well, I am not the first singer who has turned into an actor. But, one thing I have realized is that singing and acting are not too different. Both work on expressions, even singing has that. I think theyíre really similar because in both what matters is what youíre saying and how youíre saying it. The only difference is how you speak, and the challenge for me was that I wasnít used to showing expressions in front of the camera. When I am singing, thatís more difficult and when I am acting, thatís more difficult (laughs)

What is the importance of Music in your life ?

My vision for music has always been to take risks & experiment various instruments & types. If I can love a genuine type of music forever, I am sure there will be others. So, my music is for all those who consider a melody soothing & lyrics relatable.
My friends and family have always supported me, every lyric of my each song is an influence. So I would thank all of you for the success of my endeavors.

Music is for EVERYONE! You have an emotion for every situation in life, why can’t we produce music as such? Welcome to ‘my’ way of music.