Vauter Tree Service Expands across Virginia

Vauter Tree Service Expands across Virginia

D.VAUTER TREE AND STUMP SERVICE of  Richmond Va. are proud to announce that they are expanding their services across Virginia, with the launch of a new website design that will help customers respond easier as well as being able to cover a much wider region as possible. The company has been in business since 2003 and has experience as tree service experts, throughout the Richmond, Midlothian, Powhatan and Chesterfield Va. which they have demonstrated great services that are unmatched in quality.

Darin Vauter, owner D.VAUTER TREE AND STUMP SERVICE states, “We’re excited to reach the whole state of Virginia with our services and want to deliver the best services possible. We are tree removal experts with years of experience, and we are here to demonstrate why our clients hold us with such high regard at all of our other locations.”

To celebrate their arrival, the local tree experts have shared information on what to do when one encounters a damaged tree on their property. Vauter states, “If a storm rolls through Powhatan, Midlothian or the Richmond Metro area you may end up with trees or branches in hazardous places around your home. Clearing the wreckage yourself can be dangerous if you don’t have the right equipment. Our team is trained in storm clean-up and prepared to use the proper equipment and can have your yard cleared within 24 hours. We’ll also work with your insurance provider to minimize your repair costs. We also offer snow removal to help keep you safe on your property. We’ll plow and remove the snow from your property completely so you won’t have to deal with the remnants of the winter storm..”

As the company states, Tree removal can be a stressful, risky venture, especially giant tree removals. You can cost yourself a great deal of money if you don’t hire the right professionals to do the job. Vauter Tree Service respects the faith our customers put in our abilities and we have the talent and equipment to offer thorough, safe tree removal services.

Some reasons to remove your tree:


a tree with enough weight and density can come through your window or even your roof and endanger your family members and friends.

Beauty (or the lack thereof): your tree has seen the last of its best days-it’s ugly and neither you nor your neighbors enjoy the sight of it.

Property Damage:

those creeping roots can wind up rupturing your utility and/or plumbing lines. Don’t risk the damage to your pipes.


a dying or diseased tree can attract rats, termites, and other pests. One problem leads to another!

Hiring a professional for any kind of tree removal project is just as important as identifying a damaged tree promptly, as inexperienced contractors may cause more damage than necessary. Oak Grove Tree Experts Stafford relies on a team of professionals who are licensed, certified, and bonded, with several years of experience as tree removers. This ensures that they can easily and professionally handle any kind of project that their clients may request their assistance with, including tree removal in a difficult area, without compromising any surrounding property or risking the wellbeing of nearby people and animal life.

One of the company’s reviews, written by Tim Newcomb on the Google platform, states, “Vauter Tree Service has performed some last minute and high profile jobs for Tim Newcomb Construction.  They always show up well prepared and perform their work in a safe and timely manner.  They pay attention to detail from the actual tree removal all the way through their final clean up.  I would and have highly recommended them ..”

Another of their testimonials on the same platform, shared by Mary Kieu., says, ” ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND!! Have had previous contractors arrive late (or not at all,) not follow thru on promises,etc.. but happy to say we had a pleasant experience with Vauter Trees from beginning to end. This company was recommended by a family member who had a few trees taken down last year and after shopping around I’m really glad we decided on Vauter. The owner was responsive, came back quickly with a quote, flexible with scheduling. His crew showed up on time, polite to our senior parents, and did a professional job. Removed dead cedar and stump thoroughly cleaning up debris, and were efficient. Refreshing to see a business take pride in their work and honor their word. Thank you Mr.Vauter!! I will definitely call you for future needs..”

The company’s website includes more information on the services provided by Vauter Tree Service, as well as a contact form through which customers may request a quote for their services.

Contact Information:

Contact Person Name: Darin Vauter


Phone: (804) 928-4360

Location: Virginia, United States