Aaron Grant discusses how he became inspired to join the business community

At the age of thirteen years old, Aaron discovered that people were able to create a source of income from using the internet. He knew he should take the time to educate himself about how social media works and how he could use the internet to his advantage. One of his main motivations was to get out of the 9-5 grind and create financial stability on his own terms.

He expects to potentially generate one million dollars a month as his business grows and expands. Aaron says that although he welcomes new clients, he will dismiss some if they are not willing to put in the necessary effort.

Aaron cites his parents as a source of inspiration because he wants to ensure that when he is older, his parents will not have to work. He also says that other people in the dropshipping and eCommerce industries have influenced him.

Aaron has a number of mentors who continue to coach him and whom he trusts and knows will always be there for him as he pursues his entrepreneurial goals.