Having emerged as a popular fashion influencer fighting all odds is Lena.

Having emerged as a popular fashion influencer fighting all odds is Lena.

Colours are life and Lena knows exactly how to use them to stay positive and vibrant.

People curse their luck if something goes wrong in their lives, specially when facing a medical condition. Incapability to do things due to health issues can get many minds slip into depression. There are some positive souls who in spite of facing major difficulties, tide through them and emerge as winners. They have the courage to stand up and fight for themselves, to finally achieve their dreams. One name that pops up when we think about such fighters is that of Lena who has come up to become a reputable fashion influencer and achieved her dreams, despite all setbacks in life.

“Colours are what makes life beautiful,” says Lena and that is evident by the colour and radiance her Instagram account exudes. Having tasted success as a fashion influencer apart from being a successful travel, health and fashion blogger, she has reached towering heights which many fail to scale. Her personal blogs are popular for their useful tips, advices and remedies related to health, beauty and fashion. Her in-depth know-how on multiple subjects makes her all the more popular and people truly appreciate her honest suggestions. You can find her travelling to exotic destinations and clicking photographs donning outfits which exude positivity through their vibrant colours.

Lena hails from Ukraine and migrated to the USA in mid 90s. Having seen a lot of difficulties healthwise she didn’t give up hope and marched ahead with a positive attitude. Facing a lot of medical conditions like Lyme disease, CFS, and POTS for years, which even made her wheelchair prone, she stayed positive. Surviving such adverse conditions would have been difficult for someone with a weak heart, but Lena fought it out bravely and came out as a winner. Today she stands as a true inspiration for all those women out there who take a step backwards with the fear to fail in life. A true motivation who has shone bright in spite of lives darkness. Having more than 2 million followers on Instagram shows that she has indeed succeeded and made her distinct mark.

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