Aaron Morris is A Real Estate Guru and Record Label Owner

Aaron Morris is A Real Estate Guru and Record Label Owner

Aaron Morris, owner of Water Investments and A1Entertainment, is a real estate guru and record label owner from Detroit, Michigan. Aaron has been involved in real estate since he was 16 years old, he has closed on hundreds of properties. Aaron also opened up a record label in 2012.

Between his real estate business and his record label, Aaron’s goal is to help people reach their dreams and own their own home. Aaron started his career when a family friend gave him a book by Carleton Sheets. Aaron read this book cover to cover many times and after one year he closed his first real estate deal. Aaron’s inspiration comes from his mother, he says “I watched how strong she was and how she raised 8 kids by herself”.

Some of Aaron’s achievements have included working with Antonio Gates, former NFL player for the LA Chargers, along with Bobby Avila who is a musical genius and host. However, Aarons greatest achievement is purchasing a hotel and being the youngest man to do so.

When we asked Aaron who he would love to collaborate with he said “Either Carleton Sheets, real estate god, or Kanye West, my favorite artist and genius in music”.

When Aaron is not working on his real estate empire or record label, he likes to play chess, read books and watch sports. Aaron just closed on a 60-condo complex just off the water in Bellville, Michigan. This project is gated luxury homes with a storage facility. Stay up to date with Aaron and his growing enterprise on Instagram and at A1Entertainment.