Aayushi Turakhia’s inspiring journey took her to be one of THE CHOSEN ONES by AwardsArc

Lockdown ruined many lives but also made some. Aayushi Turakhia is one of them. From being a regular writer to a decorated author Aayushi’s inspiring journey made her way to be one of THE CHOSEN ONE’S by AwardsArc.

Aayushi Turakhia belongs from a joint family and is a full package. She’s a graduate and pursuing MBA and she also completed a certification course in fashion designing and Writing is her passion.

She started writing in this lockdown and this time period gave her the time she wanted to develop herself and she made her passion a very important part of life. She also faced what many writers face the “Writers block” and that demotivated her in a way that she felt like she won’t be writing anymore but she overcame that situation by time with a new zeal. Aayushi said ,” Passion stays and lasts forever”, so it happened to me. Just with the right topic and some “Moon motivation”, I overcame my blocks, and started writing again.”

Aayushi is a 2 times record holder and 7 times awardee for her literary works. She has co-authored many books and compiled 5 and a solo book is also on the way and surprisingly, she did all of this in lockdown. Aayushi says her family and the moon above are the one’s that inspired her to be the person she’s today. Aayushi always welcomes new things that helps her develope a better version of her. Aayushi says, “My growth is always gonna be on, coz I am a learner, and we can never know it all.” She lives in present with no promises for tomorrow and no regrets of the past and this is a quality which is highly required for everyone today.
Aayushi’s writings convey the lessons which might help people to change their thoughts and views for life and this might lead to development of nation. She says , “Writing not only helps us to understand our point of views, but also helps in developing a nation.”

Aayushi is a learner and being a learner has an advantage that her development never stopped.

Her journey till now show’s how far she’s aiming for. Aayushi’s inspiring journey led her to be one of THE CHOSEN ONE’S by AwardsArc. We might see her as an inspiration in mere future.