Abdullah Mehmood calls out Azad Chaiwala as an extremist

Abdullah Mehmood calls out Azad Chaiwala as an extremist

Social Media Personality Abdullah Mehmood has made a name for himself through his YouTube videos where he performs comedy/vlogs and often provides Business Mentorship in his show “Business Week”.

Apart from that he also create manages a tech channel in which he describe the algorithms of certain media platforms, Mehmood is an inspiring personality as he has qualified for YouTube creators award multiple times. Live streams on Instagram are very popular in current trends. People take it easy as the video is no longer visible once the stream ends.

Same is the case in this situation. Mehmood was streaming live on 20th March with a Canadian blogger Hassan Arif. Starting the discussion from Corona Virus and the perfect time for investments Mehmood ended up discussing Azad Chaiwala as a mentor.

Surprisingly Mehmood is not actually a fan of his work, he clearly said “I believe Azad is an extremist who is misguiding the youth, will he be responsible if a student drops out from university as per Azad’s guidance and fails to start a business? Azad will ruin a bright future” whereas Hassan supported Azad “Azad Chaiwala is not against degree or education, he is actually right if one needs to learn a skill they should do a course specifically instead of completing a four years degree” Possibly Mehmood had no idea that his live stream was being recorded.

The entire stream lasted for 40 minutes, Mehmood ended it by a huge announcement that his Book “How to grow on Social Media – The ultimate guidance” is now available on stores.

Later that week Mehmood tweeted that Azad is an inspiring personality for the business minds.


Abdullah also shares his thoughts regarding starting a new business on his show “Business Week”; he was also nominated for Asian Digital Entrepreneur.