Mayor Aboussa selects Mishayla Dickerson as Senior Advisor

Mayor Aboussa selects Mishayla Dickerson as Senior Advisor

Louis Theroux   – BBC News – March 19th, 2020 – On Wednesday, March 25th, 2020 Mayor Folly H Aboussa approved the appointment of his Senior Advisor Mishayla Dickerson.

Dickerson is a Seneca High School graduate and a current student at Transylvania University. The Mayor reminds the public that Mishayla is business smart, and development smart. While growing up in Louisville and working nearly 2 jobs in high school and nearly 3 jobs today, Dickerson is a representation of true hard-working Americans.

Mayor Aboussa explained that out of all his choices he could not have chosen a better one. In the Mayor’s own words “ Mishayla has a strong way of understanding the issues of everyday American’s and speaking to them in ways to find solutions that will impact the entire city of Frazier. I’m proud to have her on my team and know that she will bring forth projects, and ideas that will highly in positive ways change the lives of our city residences.”

Mishayla is excited about her appointment and is already working with nonprofit leaders, community members, and other nearby city officials to tackle the homeless issues in the new city’s boundaries.

Mayor Aboussa and his new Advisor Dickerson have been successful in making sure the residences of Frazier, Kentucky are doing their part in practicing social distancing and being aware of every update they need to know regarding COVID19. We thank them for their leadership and steering the community members in a forward direction!