According to Value Lead David Spreyer, Half Life 3 may still get released

According to Value Lead David Spreyer, Half Life 3 may still get released

We all are aware of the fact that Half-Life 3 has been a laughing stock for everyone for long. We have been thinking about it not to happen. It is because we have waited for years and years for an official announcement in this regard. It eventually appeared that we would never see the franchise returning with its third entry. Hopes were completely dashed when rumored story details about the game were leaked and confirmed to be real by the people. It was mentioned that the game was under development however has been abandoned.

Then fans were shocked knowing the announcement of Value about a new entry in the series i.e. Half Life: Alyx. It is not the Half Life 3 that everyone is willing to have. Rather it is an impressive looking VR with exclusive title that takes the story of the game’s world further. In an interview, the David Spreyers of the Value states that though the game is not exactly Half Life 3 however it will be continuation of the story.

In the same interview, he shared that Half Life 3 is not completely off the table. The company has planned to continue the franchise in several ways with a range of games in their early developmental stages. He further shared that while creating this game named Half Life: Alyx, Value has begun to experiment with several new game play experiences going beyond what the company has been doing earlier. Spreyer took opportunity to mention that the response towards the upcoming game will heavily influence whether the company moves forward with the franchise or not.

It is expected that Half Life: Alex will end up being loved and properly responded as the Half Life series has remained being neglected for too long now. So far the fan response has remained fairly positive. The game is mainly with the first person shooting and Half Life Alyx may end up in being the major push that VR games need.

It seems as if Value is looking forward to experiment in other forms of gameplay rather than just pumping the first person shooter to appease the fans. It’s really hard to say but company seems more focused on pushing the boundaries of what game can actually do and where the players can go. Company has always been putting in efforts to amuse the players with new experiences and nothing can be better than Half Life franchise to conduct such experimentation.

The game is all set between the events of the Half-life and Half Life 2. The game focuses on VR with no plans of releasing the game on standard consoles in future. Value has also stated that a full length game will be running with the same length as Half Life 2 did. This means it would be a meaty experience for sure. So just wait for Half Life 3 May Still get released, according to Value Lead David Spreyer and see what it has for us.