Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok Refutes Rumors Of His Departure From Invictus Gaming, Confirms He’s There To Stay

Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok Refutes Rumors Of His Departure From Invictus Gaming, Confirms He’s There To Stay

Kang “The Shy” Seung-lok who is a player of the Korean professional League of Legends has denied all the rumors of him departing from his current team officially. He is working with Invictus Gaming right now. He confirmed that following several reasons, he will be staying with Invictus at least through the end of the current contract.

Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok Refutes Rumors Of His Departure FromInvictus Gaming, Confirms He’s There To Stay because earlier there were rumors that he will be joining multiple teams. It actually fabricated as many stories as possible. The said rumors ran rampant on the social media and to be specific on Twitter and Reddit. Following the Invictus’s statement, all the rumors have been put to bed completely.

It was shared by one of the Invictus’s official that, “The recent rumors surrounding TheShy on various online communities have all been maliciously fabricated. Currently, such rumors are affecting the players’ reputation in a negative way,” “Everyone knows how professional TheShy is, so we will be taking legal action to those that personally attack the player and spread rumors about him. All official news during the FA season will be coming from the team directly”  

Another interesting this was that Invictus has threatened to take legal action against whoever is spreading such rumors. A reddit post about the same said that, “When those spreading it are prolific figures or entire entities in the professional esports scene, sure, but do they intend to take the law over to every random making a Reddit post about TheShy? Maybe!It would make some more interesting news for sure if they will do so.”

Either the way, all these kinds of rumors have been put to bed now. There are certain following reasons for that:

First of all, The Shy is still under the contract. He is not willing to break it because of some personal reasons. The main reason however remains to be loyal to the team.

Secondly, TheShy joined hands with Invictus gaming because of his own affection for his colleagues and players there. He appreciated them so much that he did not ask them for a higher salary in his couple of years in the team.

None of the other reasons are given hence readers have been left to have an assumption that TheShy did this to ensure that his team could have as much funding as possible. He has actually eschewed his own salary for the sake.

No doubt TheShy is a young but highly popular player specifically if it is about the Korean Leagues. His professional career took a successful beginning. Being him as a primary member of Invictus, the team has stayed to be really successful. He has been on the roster for the recent victory of Worlds 2018. Also he has been there iin LPL 2019 Spring Playoffs and LPL 2019 Regional finals.

No doubt if he leaves, it would be a massive blow to Invictus. Thanfully the rumors are no more in the air however, the they are certain to find something else.