Actor Jordan Nancarrow Has Big Plans for the Future

Actor Jordan Nancarrow Has Big Plans for the Future

Young actor Jordan Nancarrow has big plans on the way with his career. From being featured in various commercials for Amazon and T-Mobile to being a public and motivational speaker for Microsoft in London and Florida; Nancarrow is constantly on the move!

When he was younger, he did not have the proper resources that allowed him to pursue his dreams. However, the did not stop him from trying. Throughout high school, Nancarrow participated in a few plays. A notable play that he did was a west side story of him playing Bernardo, he says that “the rush of performing in front of hundreds of people gave me the feeling of that emotional freedom.” This is when he really knew that he had to keep going to get where he wanted to be. At 18, Nancarrow was finally able to get his first agent. It was a huge transition from a stage to on-camera, but it’s what’s made him who he is today. 

For Jordan Nancarrow, acting is like having emotional freedom. He can go through various emotions in life and when the camera rolls he can just take tensions and emotions and spew them out in front of the camera. He finds this to be the best thing of his profession that pays him to be emotionally free.

Nancarrow continues to grind and show that anything is possible. Tune in with his official Instagram, @Jaynancarrow, to keep up with his journey and see what he has next in-store!

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