Cemo Basen – Rising Star Soon to Reach Hollywood

Cemo Basen is a social media influencer, an Actor and a model. His journey is remarkable. This social media superstar childhood was not easy. He worked hard and did not let his Poverty take over his dreams. He saw dreams and fulfilled them. Cemo never age affect his career. From being a science student he entirely changed his career pathway as an actor. He is a daring personality who has strong willpower to achieve his dreams. He always wanted to be an actor and wanted to enter Hollywood but he was not financially independent to pursue it so he started working hard to make ends meet for his family and his dreams. To support his family he took an It job then later started his road map on acting. Cemo is currently studying at the New York Film Academy and completed his one semester. Before he joined New York Film Academy he studied acting at Cheryl Rhodes acting school in Virginia. 

Cemo Baen was born on 19 February 1989 to his parents Naseer Ud din and Nasreen Sadiya in Dubai. He has a brother whose name is Asama. As said he comes from a very poor family but his financial conditions never overpowered him. He always dreamed high and fulfilled it. Cemo Basen is known to show South-Asian culture in his videos and people loves his content. In one of his videos, Cemo invited Mrs JeanAnne Roberts as his guest where she shared her personal and professional life with cemo and all his subscribers. She was in the same show as Cemo was in. Both worked together in season 1 FoX5. He surely has not yet started his acting career but he is quite famous among youth. Cemo’s famous series called “Raising an Influencer” is a series that shows sarcasm and humour. He left the audience to get entertained and at the same time that they get motivated. Cemo signed his contract with Fox5 DC and his show “Raising an Influencer” will be soon be aired every weekend from 7:00 AM to 8:AM. 

Cemo’s dream is to reach Hollywood and his passion for acting is really amazing. His hard work and consistency are appreciable. He has a vision and is consistent to fulfil his dreams. Famous Instagrammer Cemo is an ambassador for the world’s most secure “Untouchable” card technology. (Untouchable is a Fintech startup launched with 3000 Social media influencers).  Cemo has also been selected for the Netflix series ‘circle’ in the UK but fails to travel because of his personal commitments. He is also finalized for the cast of ‘Stranger Things’ new season which is going to release soon. 


Adversity, Business & Fame by Hollywood Actor Xavier Dean

A Hollywood star and entrepreneur, Xavier Dean has an admirable success story of how he came to be a star actor. He grew up in hardship but has brushed off the situation to win himself titles and recognition in the global entertainment arena. He is an individual who has surpassed difficulties to become successful in businesses and be a Hollywood star.

Xavier is a successful entrepreneur who has made the transition to film and television. Incredibly his business produced over $300 million in sales. Having a business mindset, Xavier has taken his knowledge of the industry, personal branding, and relationship-building to the world of Hollywood. His approach, training, and mindset have helped him land multiple feature films within the first year of the business.

He has secured numerous leads and supporting roles in award-winning features and short films at the Montreal, New York, and Toronto film festivals. 

We got the chance to sit down with Xavier Dean to dissect the three major keys he followed to get him to where he is today, here is what we learned.

  1. A Powerful Mindset

Xavier developed the attitude of self-love and an internal cheerleader. Most people want you to fail secretly, including your closest friends, and you should thus be your greatest supporter. No one should ever clap louder or cheer you on more than yourself. Self-sabotage will only limit your reach. Xavier developed a mindset to use criticisms as ‘opinion’ only measuring stick, and not as the end all be all answer.

Another approach he garnered is trusting in his gut. According to Xavier, everyone will have an opinion of what you need to do and how you need to do it. Listening to what everyone was telling him left him with no clear direction in business and in acting. It was then that Xavier decided he would trust his gut and follow his dreams. That is when he started to land roles and opportunities. 

  1. Passion

Initially, people led Xavier down paths they thought were right for him, but deep down, it was not something he wanted. He decided to do it his way. He adopted the right mindset and decided to follow his passion and gut feeling. Pursuing his dreams has to be the best decision he has done to this day. 

  1. Hard Work

Facing adversity, such as being homeless, Xavier Dean had to work hard on his dreams to make a name for himself. This happened after lots of time was spent and after many failed attempts. Xavier has managed to overcome every obstacle life has thrown at him. He’s overcome adversity and managed to grow every successful real estate business in California. This also has allowed him to take serious lessons that he learned in business and has applied them to his acting career.  


Through the above traits, Xavier Dean has become an icon in the acting world, inspiring many with his can-do attitude and his admirable mindset. He is someone that you will be hearing about, a lot more as he just started booming in the acting industry. Remember the name Xavier Dean or you can just follow him on:


TikTok: @XavierDean



Actor Jordan Nancarrow Has Big Plans for the Future

Young actor Jordan Nancarrow has big plans on the way with his career. From being featured in various commercials for Amazon and T-Mobile to being a public and motivational speaker for Microsoft in London and Florida; Nancarrow is constantly on the move!

When he was younger, he did not have the proper resources that allowed him to pursue his dreams. However, the did not stop him from trying. Throughout high school, Nancarrow participated in a few plays. A notable play that he did was a west side story of him playing Bernardo, he says that “the rush of performing in front of hundreds of people gave me the feeling of that emotional freedom.” This is when he really knew that he had to keep going to get where he wanted to be. At 18, Nancarrow was finally able to get his first agent. It was a huge transition from a stage to on-camera, but it’s what’s made him who he is today. 

For Jordan Nancarrow, acting is like having emotional freedom. He can go through various emotions in life and when the camera rolls he can just take tensions and emotions and spew them out in front of the camera. He finds this to be the best thing of his profession that pays him to be emotionally free.

Nancarrow continues to grind and show that anything is possible. Tune in with his official Instagram, @Jaynancarrow, to keep up with his journey and see what he has next in-store!


Musical artist Officially Gp is driven to succeed

Officially Gp aka officiallygp is back at it again with one of the games highly anticipated albums “Dope Pimpin” set to drop this summer 2020. Just when you think modeling, acting, and being a entrepreneur is enough on his plate he’s added a new dish to his entree of talents. Officially Gp states his passion for music stems back 15 years plus watching his cousin and his long time friend Ray Cash. Using what Officially Gp calls the Kobe Bryant syndrome (R.I.P) where he has took a special quality from many artists he looked up too like Jay Z Master P and Pimp C (to name a few) complying all those qualities into his own talents making him a super power in the booth.Officially Gp who was mentioned as “The artist to watch”  In 2017 freshman edition of the XXL magazine (R.I.P XXXTentacion) and “artist to be on the lookout for” in the Source Magazine (2017) says his whole career changed when he linked up with his friend of 25 years 4matik Hitmaker who is not just his partner and Co CEO of the Red Karpet but his Producer and engineer.

Officially Gp states that when him and 4matik are in the booth it’s like Phil Jackson and Micheal Jordan as officially Gp goes to explain how 4matik will not let him leave the booth until every bar is to perfection. There chemistry is strong that without even punching in he knows already to repeat that line.

Officially Gp said that when you have a mad scientist (4matik) for a Producer it kills you at first but once you hear the quality of the song it turns you into a Frankenstein. With features such as Yowda of Madeent and Maybach Music, Kevin Gates his beloved brother in faith, Bwaron, Preme dibiasi, Ateam Skeeno, Rootabang, Kidd Dollaz, TRVP, Shawn Poe and many more “Dope Pimpin” will be a classic album you can play ten years from now and still get a vibe. REDDDD! Stay up to date with Officially Gp @officiallygp on instagram or his website where you can find all his unreleased videos and music and tour dates.


Dr. YUSOF MUTAHAR – The Soaring Model and Actor from Australia Driving the Way of Prosperity

To pursue your passion after achieving your profession is not everyone’s cup of tea. It needs a lot of hard work and fire in the belly to achieve your self-actualization needs. One of the renowned doctors of Australia is now soon going to step up in the modeling, and acting sphere.

Dr. Yusof Mutahar is a Doctor, Model, Actor, Athlete, Entrepreneur, and renowned Social Media sensation from Australia. Apart from being a successful doctor, he has attained a lot in his life. In 2018, he co-founded his own cosmetics skincare range named Dr. Yusof Cosmetics, which went international in the market. Dr. Mutahar subsequently created his own clothing brand named Dr. Yusof Scrubs which encompasses health-related apparel and custom. He is intending to formulate his charitable organization called Dr. Yusof Foundation. He is a black belt in Judo he has gained numerous possession and attained a number of achievements in the sport. In 2018, he represented Australia in the sport of Judo as well.

Mutahar began his modeling career at the age of 23. Dr. Mutahar has proposed his modeling career, making himself a recognized and iconic fashion and fitness model. He has worked for health industries and upscale fashion company and brands such as Gucci, Champion, Calvin Klein, and Ralph Lauren. He made his debut in the acting industry in 2019, being cast in two, Hollywood movies. One of those involved him playing the role of a doctor. Subsequently, success in the film industry, Dr. Yusof has been cast in more mainstream movies including upcoming Bollywood action films. He has also been offered roles in several big-budget movies for 2020.

Now stepping towards success each and every day he has made his own aura and presently his worth is computed to be Five million dollars which are a massive figure to look at. Thus, for his wonderful journey ahead we wish him good luck.