Actress Alina Rai Talks Social Media

Actress Alina Rai Talks Social Media

London, England.

It is no doubt that actress Alina Rai is the Queen of social media with her first appearance on the big screen in early December. With the famous hit song Kamaal ft Badshah & Alina Rai. In just a matter of months Alina Rai gained so much fan following that her instagram reached over 114k and increasing day by day, with other social media accounts such as Tiktok reaching over million and counting. Yes actress Alina Rai rose to fame with her incredible exotic beauty and talent that is just effortless to watch.

She is considered to be the new queen of social media and the fans can’t get enough.

Becoming such a public figure so rapidly is a big change for anyone and watching followers on your social media increase all of a sudden is a big deal?

Honestly speaking I’ve never been such a social media person before all of this, I never had imagined to receive such a big response that I have gotten. It is truly the love and the support that I have received that has changed me to become a social media person. I now use social media a lot more then ever before. 

You must get a lot of fan messages and comments how do you keep up with it all. As we got the chance to see your Instagram account where every post you post averages to about over 100k or more

views which is great engagement account.

At first it was all very over whelming for me and I couldn’t believe some of the lengthy messages that I was receiving were actually written specially for me and not some copy and paste poem or a forward or anything. Every message I receive I feel so blessed that someone out there is appreciating my work so it really does make me feel that I’m doing something good. 

For any actresses there is also a lot of haters on social media and I’m sure you have even faces some negative messages and comments so can you please tell us that. 

Well this really is my personal opinion but I believe I am a public figure now and the comments that I receive either good or bad are both welcome because as an artist I can’t say I only want good comments and I’m going to ignore all the bad. We can’t pick and choose. I feel everyone has a voice and that they have a right to comment from the heart whether that be good or bad. I work for my fans and the support that they give me so I feel the need to listen to both the good and bad. 

Well social media has never been the same since Aline Rai blessed us with her social media presence and we can not help but be her follower too.