Aditya Aggarwal on PKG lifestyle News top 50 entrepreneurs magazine Coming Soon.

Aditya Aggarwal, chairman and founder of PKG lifestyle is all set to release the second edition of PKG lifestyle top 50 magazine which is titled “Top 50 entrepreneurs magazine”
Talking about the new edition he says, “We have decided that our next magazine will be called ‘Top 50 Entrepreneurs’ and we will be sharing lifestyles of top businessmen of India.”
“Last time we brought out the stories of people from every sphere of life ranging from musicians and actors to doctors and politicians but this time we wanted to do something more specific so we decided that we will be covering stories of people from just one profession and this time we have chosen entrepreneurs.” He adds.
When asked about his motivation and idea behind starting Top 50 magazine. He said “Main motive was to bring forth some of the life stories that are worth sharing. I’ve always found it fascinating that how every life is a series of stories we have it all from success stories to the ones of failure in our lifetimes and we are just trying to bring some of them forward.”
“We are also trying to provide a platform to various different artists and other personalities through this venture.”He added.