A look at the performance of a successful Iranian entrepreneur, Hassan Ali Baghbanian, CEO of Holding 5040 in 2019

Hassan ali Baghbanian, CEO of Holding 5040, as the top entrepreneur in 2019, during the last year, provided 400 people with employment vacancies remotely in the Psychological Counseling Center of Hamkadeh, as well as in free on-site clothing service of Yaghe company, which is a subsidiary of Holding 5040.

Currently, Holding 5040 is ready to offer job opportunities for qualified job seekers who send the text “807” to the SMS system 10005040.

Public Relations department of Holding 5040, according to Hassan Baghbaghbanian, CEO of the holding, pointed out that over the past year, more than 1,200 doctors and consultants have been working in the doctor application, and this platform is still available for doctors and consultants to make more money for themselves while cooperating and subscribing to the doctor application.