Advantages of Ebara slurry pumps

Advantages of Ebara slurry pumps

Slurry pumps are the series of applications that are used in many different industrial fields, but are most used in construction to suck foundations, dredge mud, absorb water and sand, gravel, mud, soil, etc. and in irrigation, irrigation when pumping water from sources of impurities such as field water, river water with alluvium, dredging rivers, lakes, etc.

Among the slurry pumps, the Ebara pump is the most preferred with outstanding features and advantages compared to its competitors.

Advantages of Ebara slurry pumps

 There are many designs for different practices and requirements of the project: dilute sludge, solid sludge, lumps, mixed with sand, gravel, etc.

 Disassembling, moving, operating Ebara slurry pumps is relatively quick and easy to understand, effortless when there are changes in reality.

 The Ebara slurry pump is a specialized pump so there are less errors arising like many other mud pump lines.

 The operation is simple, only one operator is needed.

 Maximum power saving, motorization.

 Affordable, suitable for many different constructions and conditions.

 High product quality, is a specialized pump line and tested by many units and buildings, withstand the grind of actual use and many different materials.

With the above advantages, Ebara slurry pumps are preferred by many units around the world and Vietnam for their projects and projects. The Ebara pump brand is not only the top choice for pumps, but also the brand of choice for many other types of industrial and civil pumps.

However, you need to pay attention to a few issues before buying or renting an Ebara slurry pump to choose the best and most suitable machine. You need to pay attention to the following conditions:

The average rate of mud in the water (in percent)

  • Mud mixed with or not
  • The type of sludge to be sucked
  • The length of mud transportation
  • Pebble pumping ability of the pump.

Common applications of Ebara slurry pumps:

  •  Specific fields: construction, hydropower, pit, processing etc.
  •  Industry: brick production, mining, food, etc.
  •  Water treatment field: Industrial sludge, waste, etc.
  •  Mining industry: mud, gravel, sand, ore, soil, etc.

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