Pentax pump was present in Vietnam

Pentax pump was present in Vietnam

Pentax pump was present in Vietnam market very early, Pentax pump is a modern water pump device that helps people limit labor use while still creating clean water, serving the needs. activities, economic development. Pentax pumps are imported directly from Italy and are the number 1 choice of many households as well as all constructions today.

Pentax brand on the market today is not too strange for customers, this is the machine used in industries, water treatment, construction production, .. Present in the Vietnamese market in the near future. For 15 years, Pentax pumps have become the leading product in the water supply industry for many large and small projects across the country. Pentax pumps currently have many typical products as follows:

1. Pentax industrial pump:

is made up of 4 main parts: Impeller, pump shaft, water inlet, water out. This type of machine is able to transfer water through a pipeline system and provide adequate water for residential areas, industrial applications, agriculture and pumping stations, ..

2. Pentax submersible pumps:

The most specialized water pump in the field of sewage treatment, famous for the model lines: DMT, DG, DX, DH, DP …

3. Pentax civil pumps:

Mainly used in households with the purpose of drawing clean water into tanks.

4. Pentax rocket pump:

A type capable of deep suction, the amount of water pump is very large and less expensive electricity. Mainly used in clean water supply plants for people. Although there are many types of water pumps imported from Italy on the market today, the brand of Pentax pumps is still trusted by many customers. The level of durability, safety, and price guarantee are the key to attracting customers to Pentax high-end product line.

The location provides prestigious, quality Pentax pump. With many years of experience in supplying water pumps, Thuan Hiep Thanh is proud to be the importer and distributor of genuine Pentax Italia water pumps in Vietnam market. We are always ready to provide a full range of typical Pentax pumps on the market as well as certificates of import, factory CO, CQ according to the company’s regulations.

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