Afghanistan Relief Fund – HHRD

Afghanistan Relief Fund – HHRD

On August 25, 2020, flash floods due to heavy rainfall caused devastation in Afghanistan’s Mandi village and City of Parun. Not only these but 5 other districts were affected as well that includes Rodat, Mehtarlam, Alishang, Parcha, and Charikar.

According to the reports, around 100 lives were claimed by the floods, and over 100 people were injured. Infrastructure reports mentioned around 500 houses were either damaged or destroyed as flood waters were too powerful.

The floods created severe problems while the country was already dealing with increasing cases of Covid-19. Not only houses but crop fields and public properties were damaged as well. With them, power and water systems went down as well making the situation even worse.

Place like Kapisa and Panjsher were affected by the floods but no casualties were recorded. A few days later, the meteorological department warned about another fatal flood issue on August 27, 2020. They were specifically issued for the east and northeast part of Afghanistan.

Before more casualties could be recorded, the government deployed its search and rescue teams to the affected sites. Organizations like Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD) took the initiative to provide humanitarian relief to those affected by the floods.

Charikar was the first priority for HHRD as it was the area that was severely impacted by the floods.


HHRD had planned their execution thoroughly. In the beginning, their goal was to provide cooked food to 200 families, including water and other essentials as well. As one team distributed food and water, the other team assisted the people in removing the debris and making things better for living.

This took some time but they were successful in their operation. Now, as the homes were in better condition, the families can secure their own food. Hence, it was time to provide dry food to people, and this time, it was distributed among 900 families. Also, for the ones who don’t have utensils or were having problems regarding them, HHRD helped them as well.

Until the water source was fixed, HHRD provided clean drinking water to the families.

HHRD Work:

As a certified International NGO, HHRD conducted many successful projects in the region. They were serving the people of Afghanistan since 2014. They have initiated many projects such as Skills Development and Livelihood, Orphan Support, Water for Life, In-Kind Gifts, Seasonal Provisions, etc.

HHRD was always there for people when they needed serious help.


Afghanistan faced flash floods that resulted in devastation, casualties, injuries, etc. Many people lost their lives and countless were affected. Homes, public properties, crop fields were damaged as well. The government ordered search and rescue teams and deployed them at the affected sites.

To them, organizations like HHRD joined as well. They helped in removing the debris on people’s houses, provided them food and water, and planned everything properly. Once things started to get better, they were able to provide help in other affected areas as well.