Creating milestones in the vast makeup industry as a passionate makeup artist is Sabina Shafi

Creating milestones in the vast makeup industry as a passionate makeup artist is Sabina Shafi

Sabina Shafi considers her makeup brush her sword, through which she dreams to convey the importance of self-grooming.

Today, when people speak about fulfilling their dreams, how many of them go ahead in making those necessary efforts for getting them nearer their visions and aspirations in life? Well, it is easier to talk than to make consistent efforts to listen to what the heart seeks and follow the dreams. However, some individuals have done that and achieved massive momentum and success in their respective endeavours. Sabina Shafi stands tall as one of these professionals in the makeup industry of India, who has now gone ahead to make her name worldwide as well with her makeup services.

Enhancing the natural beauty of women is what Sabina Shafi has been working for and has, to her credit, incredible makeup looks that have garnered much talk and attention in the competitive industry. It is imperative to know more about these exceptional talents and their journeys so that many others can take inspiration from them. Sabina Shafi worked as a cabin supervisor in the aviation industry. Little did she know then that her job in the aviation space, where she needed to create an attractive look through makeup, would help her develop a passion for makeup and grooming.

Sabina Shafi was born in Kashmir and completed her education in Delhi. From the beginning, with her aim to fly high in the sky with her big dreams and aspirations, she pursued a career in aviation, which ultimately led her to develop a professional knack at makeup. Her makeup experiments kept growing as she travelled more worldwide as a part of the aviation industry. Eventually, Sabina Shafi went ahead to turn her passion for makeup into her profession and dived fully into the makeup industry.

To gain more expertise, Sabina Shafi started learning makeup from London and enhanced her skills by many makeup trials on her friends and family. Sabina Shafi confesses that her journey as a makeup artist has been tremendous and rewarding as she worked upon her personality and honed her skills by meeting a lot of people worldwide. She has so far got the opportunity to work with multiple renowned photographers and designers, where she earned the opportunity to present the portfolio, designer, editorial, jewellery and bridal shoots of her works.

Right now, she is a resident of Delhi and works as a well-known makeup artist in Kashmir, her hometown and providing makeup services all across the globe. She dreams to convey the importance of self-grooming with her makeup brush, which she considers her sword. Even after achieving so much as one of the best makeup artists in Delhi, Kashmir and other parts of the world, Sabina Shafi feels she has just begun. To know more, follow her on Instagram @makeupbysabinaa and visit the website,