After Arvind Kejriwal sports show, Power Sportz turns to Haryana Sports expose!

After Arvind Kejriwal sports show, Power Sportz turns to Haryana Sports expose!

Ms. Kanthi D Suresh continues her investigative journalism, and in the process she has come up with one more shocking revelation. After Arvind Kejriwal sports show, Power Sportz has allegedly turned to Haryana sports expose, and in the process they have found out one more ugly reality of Haryana Sports Federation. 

This time it is not doping or match-fixing, this time it is even bigger! RTI has revealed that 45 cases of sexual harassment have been registered in the past decade. And what is not revealed by RTI is even more shocking and that’s – the number of fake sports certificates issued by Haryana Sports Federations and Associations to the people seeking admission in colleges, universities, and applying for permanent jobs. 

Yes, just in Rs. 7000/- theses fake certificates are issues or we can say sold illegally. Well, hearing this only one question comes to mind – WHAT ARE WE UP TO? Every nook and corner of sports federation is now corrupt…….. What are we trying to gain out of it? For the past three years from 2017 – 2019, the number of fake sports certificate are doing the rounds in the country, which could have led to admissions and recruitments to permanent jobs. Even DU is under the scanner for the scam. Moreover, not only Haryana, but also Southern and Western regions of the country are also under the allegations of inside nexus. Coaches and Service Sports Control Board are involved in the fake certificate scam pan India. 

Fake sports certificate doing the rounds in Haryana at the Group A level, which means class 1 services in the country. 

Fake Federations doling out real certificates, this is how it is done! There are more than 20 such fake sports federations doling out sport certificates that look absolutely real.  Another way these certificates are issued are – real federation, real certificate but forged name. Yeah, the certificate is printed by the federation itself, but somebody else lands getting up the same. How that is possible without the internal involvement or without the knowledge of people at the top running the federation?

Power Sportz team did a sting operation, where one of the reporter is talking to the federation member and taking all the details. And this is how it is! Just in 7000 Rs. you are eligible for any college or any government job. “Fake sports certificate seems to be doing great business even when the economy is not doing so well,” Ms. Kanthi said. 

To know more about the scam do watch the latest show of Talking Turkey with Kanthi and know all the Modus Operandi that has been revealed in the show and how a father who Director Sports in Haryana issued certificate to his own son on his last day of position and helped his son get into group A level job. 

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