Father of Minor victim in CLTA case speaks to Power Sportz

The CLTA molestation case, which has been simmering since the last one year, is smudging the Indian tennis fraternity as the victim is yet to receive justice. A minor girl, who was a trainee at the Chandigarh Academy of Rural Tennis (CHART), run by the Chandigarh Lawn Tennis Association (CLTA), had been sexually harassed by five fellow trainee boys as alleged by her father in the case. 

However, the case has been lingering since last one year and the father of the minor girl is still running from pillar to post to get justice and bring the perpetrators to book. 

In a candid interview with Power Sportz, on the flagship show of the channel – Talking Turkey with Kanthi – the victim’s father talked about his ordeal and the nightmare the family has been subjected to from last one year. 

Talking Turkey with Kanthi is a popular debate show aired by Power Sportz, the nation’s first digital sports channel. Helmed by the Editor-in-chief of the channel, Ms. Kanthi D Suresh, this weekly sports debate show has so far highlighted many key issues plaguing Indian sports.

Received no help from anyone, says victim’s father

On asked whether he has received any help from the AITA or the administration at the CLTA, the father of the 16-year-old girl denied getting any. In fact, he seemed too indignant at the callous behavior of those heading the CLTA. Rather than lending him a sympathetic ear, he alleged that “they are trying to shield the culprits.” Not only the CLTA, even AITA seemed slackened up in addressing this grave incident.

The show was also attended by the CEO of AITA, Bishwadeep Akhouri and he presented his side of the story. 

“Is AITA even aware of what is happening in state sports federations?” asked Kanthi D Suresh. She pointed out that it is the sole responsibility of the AITA to look after the welfare of the tennis players in the country and make the environment safe for budding players. 

However, Akhouri said that the AITA is not distancing itself from the incident and the apex tennis body will ensure that justice prevails. He declined to speak much about the case as it is sub judice and confirmed that law will take its course. If the boys are found guilty, they will be handed exemplary punishment, said Akhouri. 

The plight of the father of the minor girl was palpable during his interview and his agony could be felt by viewers. 

Age fraud in Tennis rampant

While talking to Power Sportz, the victim’s father also said that while dealing with the belligerent CLTA, another menace came to the fore. It was the ill of age-fraud, which is quite rampant in Indian tennis. One of the accused, who is also a junior Davis Cupper has fudged his age by four years. It came out during the investigation of the case.

The discussion panel also had a renowned sports psychologist, Dr. Jayanti Datta, who mentioned that such incidents can leave an indelible scare on the minds of minors and could change the course of their lives. 

The victim’s father too agreed with her and revealed that his daughter has gone through enough in the last one year. She has even refused to pick up the racquet after the incident despite it was dream to pursue a career in tennis, the father said. 

Power Sportz has always been vocal about such issues and has in the past raised issues on doping, match-fixing, Racism and gender issues plaguing Indian Sports. 


Doping in Sport as big a threat as Coronavirus, in Olympic year; Talking Turkey with Kanthi

Talking Turkey with Kanthi, the boldest Sports debate show in India again in its latest episode came out with some startling revelations. A sudden spurt in doping violations in the run up to the Olympics, with about 170 athletes testing positive, comes as a shocking bit of news. Kanthi D Suresh, the founder and Editor-in-Chief, back on air again , after a break, saw her usual chirpy self coming out with information in an engaging style and demeanour

The show always known to educate viewers with information not available elsewhere, was this time again, bang on. The panel also consisted of a sports psychologist from UK, who along with the others was analyzing doping behavioural patterns

‘It cannot be ignorance’, quipped Kanthi D Suresh, as she talked about elite athletes coming under the scanner for dope violations.  An analysis was made between India and other sporting nations, with regard to the cash awards given to Olympic medallists. India gives more than 10 times the cash award to an Olympic gold medallist, compared to the other greater sporting nations of the world. Is the ugly award system leading to more temptation, asks Kanthi D Suresh

Winning is great but need not necessarily mean success. Is the Sports environment creating damaged human beings, asked Kanthi, as she ended the show on a rhetoric which has caused many minds to ask the same question.


Power Sportz flagship show ‘Talking Turkey With Kanthi’ off air

The flagship show of the channel, Talking Turkey with Kanthi, helmed by the founder and Editor-in-Chief, Ms Kanthi D Suresh, is not going on air this friday. The news has been all over that Power Sportz is testing its new global software as it wants to get into live broadcast of matches, globally

The first day of the beta testing saw a technical snag, and the second day was a disaster. The information available with us is that a meeting was held regarding the same on Thursday, and it was attended by three former cricketers as well. This has raised significant questions as to whether Power Sportz wants to get into Cricket broadcasting

In one of the recent shows on the channel, Ms Kanthi D Suresh, has raised objections on the way BCCI indulges in monopolistic practices, and does not allow other cricket leagues to survive. Is Kanthi trying to Walk the Talk here.

Surely, Kanthi has not forgotten the legal issues that she handled personally, during the World Cup 2019 coverage. 

If Power Sportz were to get into Cricket broadcasting, it will have to cross many hurdles. The first step of broadcast technology still doesn’t seem to be in order. It sure will be a tall order by the time the channel reaches the live coverage stage.

Various reasons have been given for Talking Turkey show not going on air. One is that Kanthi is extremely busy with the new technology set up. The second is that she is quite disturbed at the technical loopholes and chooses not to go on air. The third is that she is busy with her sons board exams!

Well, it wouldn’t be long before we understand what Kanthis plans exactly are. But, what we can say for sure is that , something interesting is on the anvil.

Keep watching this space


After Arvind Kejriwal sports show, Power Sportz turns to Haryana Sports expose!

Ms. Kanthi D Suresh continues her investigative journalism, and in the process she has come up with one more shocking revelation. After Arvind Kejriwal sports show, Power Sportz has allegedly turned to Haryana sports expose, and in the process they have found out one more ugly reality of Haryana Sports Federation. 

This time it is not doping or match-fixing, this time it is even bigger! RTI has revealed that 45 cases of sexual harassment have been registered in the past decade. And what is not revealed by RTI is even more shocking and that’s – the number of fake sports certificates issued by Haryana Sports Federations and Associations to the people seeking admission in colleges, universities, and applying for permanent jobs. 

Yes, just in Rs. 7000/- theses fake certificates are issues or we can say sold illegally. Well, hearing this only one question comes to mind – WHAT ARE WE UP TO? Every nook and corner of sports federation is now corrupt…….. What are we trying to gain out of it? For the past three years from 2017 – 2019, the number of fake sports certificate are doing the rounds in the country, which could have led to admissions and recruitments to permanent jobs. Even DU is under the scanner for the scam. Moreover, not only Haryana, but also Southern and Western regions of the country are also under the allegations of inside nexus. Coaches and Service Sports Control Board are involved in the fake certificate scam pan India. 

Fake sports certificate doing the rounds in Haryana at the Group A level, which means class 1 services in the country. 

Fake Federations doling out real certificates, this is how it is done! There are more than 20 such fake sports federations doling out sport certificates that look absolutely real.  Another way these certificates are issued are – real federation, real certificate but forged name. Yeah, the certificate is printed by the federation itself, but somebody else lands getting up the same. How that is possible without the internal involvement or without the knowledge of people at the top running the federation?

Power Sportz team did a sting operation, where one of the reporter is talking to the federation member and taking all the details. And this is how it is! Just in 7000 Rs. you are eligible for any college or any government job. “Fake sports certificate seems to be doing great business even when the economy is not doing so well,” Ms. Kanthi said. 

To know more about the scam do watch the latest show of Talking Turkey with Kanthi and know all the Modus Operandi that has been revealed in the show and how a father who Director Sports in Haryana issued certificate to his own son on his last day of position and helped his son get into group A level job. 

Stay Tuned!!


How important is sports as a concept for Arvind Kejriwal? Asks Kanthi D Suresh

Yeah, now whatever is happening in Power Sportz has a touch of politics, sometimes it is more of politics – like Talking Turkey with Kanthi Friday Episode. As Ms. Kanthi D Suresh appeared to be setting the platform for the issue that is more political than sports. 

And it all came after Arvind Kejriwal’s speech on sports went viral. Kejriwal’s speech on sports and his latest bill on sports raised the alarm that made Ms. Kanthi to turn a sports news platform to a political newsroom. Well, it could be some sort of preparation also, I mean already Ms. Kanthi is set to launch her new news channel dedicated to politics ‘Power News’, probably she must be using Power Sportz for keeping her audience updated about the upcoming launch!

Well, whatever it is, whether she is using the Power Sportz platform for preparing her audience or spicing it up. The truth remains, the race for Delhi elections is heating up, and the narratives have changed dramatically from, Beti, Bijli, Paani, Mohalla to different level and set up. This time it’s not just different, but beyond imaginations…..

Now, sports seems to be taking importance in the run-up to the elections. The Delhi Sports University Bill that was passed by AAP off late was termed as historic by the CM of Delhi. However, we don’t know in what sense it is going to be historic…. Yet, we will have to wait to know that! 

But, Mr. CM claims that no government has done as much as they have done for Sports in the past 70 years. He further claimed that the bill will act as a system, a structure to create medalists from Delhi. 

I am not sure if Mr. CM would have thought of it that whether the Sports universities which excel in conferring degrees, actually be able to create medalists? Probably, Kejriwal’s academic background might have prevented him to think the ‘Sports’ way? As he predicted 10 medals at the Olympics… But HOW, ONLY GOD KNOWS!!! 

Get it all on Talking Turkey with Kanthi!!


Talking Turkey with Kanthi: Power Sportz flagship show hits the bull’s eye

Dubbed as the most successful sports debate show in India, “Talking Turkey with Kanthi” is all meaty, delivering and hitting the bull’s eye every time without exception. Even this time, deliberating on an issue more combustible than hydrogen—the BCCI elections—the show managed to foretell a few developments that eerily unfolded in the days that followed. 

The particular episode, debating on the upcoming BCCI elections has been in the trend again for predicting so close about the series of events. The recent debarring of eight state associations from attending the BCCI AGM only corroborates to what was predicted during the show.    

“Will the State Associations allow the elections to go as scheduled?” asked Kanthi D Suresh, show host, and Editor-in-chief of Power Sportz. Episode after episode, Kanthi has been incisive in deciphering the grappling sports issues in the country.

Ambiguity prevails

The ambiguity within BCCI and the electoral process is still a reality. The situation is the same as it was in the pre-Lodha era, noted Kanthi during the show. The confusion as to who will attend the BCCI elections is mounting by the day. “Nobody wanted to implement the recommendations of the Lodha committee,” she quipped.

It is only natural to assume that vested interests and nepotism are bred-in-the-bone within the BCCI. 

The TNCA and HPCA result already prove that all is in the family, a fact Talking Turkey with Kanthi has highlighted on the show. 

A dazed Committee of Administrators

If the BCCI members are behaving errant, the CoA is also not making things easier. The committee members have proven themselves to be highly intimidated by those who know to play this game well. The whimsical mannerisms of the SC-appointed CoA by condensing information in bits and pieces are making things murkier. 

So, will the state bodies eventually pull the strings and manipulate the BCCI elections on October 23? “Talking Turkey with Kanthi” reckons that it is going to be contentious if CoA has to decide who will vote in the elections. Of course, the days preceding the elections will see a lot of drama.

Kanthi wraps up the show with a big question whether the BCCI elections will ever take place this month, and if held, will the results be out on time.  

All sports lovers and keen followers of the game should pray that the apprehension of ‘Talking Turkey with Kanthi’ doesn’t come true. 


NDTL suspension – Is it tailor-made for BCCI?

With less than a year to the Olympics, Indian sports has found itself in the middle of a sticky situation as the world doping body WADA suspends NDTL for six months. Finding issues at the National Dope Testing Laboratory in Delhi, WADA has imposed the ban w.e.f August 20.

Henceforth, all dope testing activities in India have become a costly affair.  The samples collected from athletes will now have to be sent to WADA-accredited laboratories overseas for testing. The real predicament is that NADA declares it doesn’t have the wherewithal to get the samples tested abroad. 

In this NADA vs WADA squabble is BCCI a beneficiary?

The NDTL ban was the topic of discussion on the latest episode of “Talking Turkey with Kanthi”, the flagship program of Power Sportz, hosted by Kanthi D. Suresh, the Editor-in-chief of the channel.

The sequence of events in the run-up to the NDTL suspension seems to be conspicuous, diverting the attention towards BCCI. Although she was wasn’t drawing any conclusion, Kanthi D. Suresh said that the events give rise to some sorts of doubts in the minds of the people.

WADA is in a huge financial abyss and is looking for private funding sources to rescue itself. BCCI, being a cash-rich body would be more than happy to lend WADA the money they need, said Kanthi.

After the suspension, NADA would again lose its sway over the BCCI, not in a position to collect samples of cricketers. So, everything is likely to come back to square one and samples of cricketers would be sent IDTL like before.

Here is the link to the video,


Power Sportz: Sting Operation Shocking Revealment!!!

Don’t miss to know all about the sting operation shocking revealment of doping nexus in India and how it is affecting India’s sports community!! In a shocking revealment, on how school kids are testing positive on drugs in sports? How athletes testing positive on drugs in India? Via PS Twitter handle we got to know that Power Sportz has done a sting operation on India’s doping nexus and the channel is going to reveal about the nexus and the people behind it tomorrow in its very popular talk show “Talking Turkey with Kanthi,”.

To crack down on Dope cheats, NADA has launched a program on Athletes Biological Passport, but the question here is….Is NADA equipped enough to do a good job? Is there a genuine effort to make India a clean sport country….Who is leading the nexus… who all are behind all this…. let’s wait to get the full scoop on Talking Turkey with Kanthi D Suresh tomorrow (Friday, May 17, 2019) LIVE at 8.00 pm on Power Sportz. In case you miss it, check the PS VOD 10.00pm onwards. 

The voice of the sport is once again ready to amplify its voice against the heinous crime, will expose all who are involved in it. IT WILL DEFINITELY BE INTERESTING TO WATCH!!

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A former Davis Cup player reveals about Indian Tennis in Talking Turkey with Kanthi D Suresh

The former Davis Cup player Somdev Devvarman talks about the whole picture of Indian Tennis in his interview in a sports debate show. In the whole interview, the former Davis Cup player has revealed a lot of hidden truth about the Indian Tennis and its administration.

There are many disclosures made by Devvarman. In ‘Talking Turkey with Kanthi’ show, Devvarman talked about his improvement in his game. He also mentioned that he did not get any support from the administration. When the show host told him that the administration stated that whatever success he achieved was because of the tennis federation, Devvarman called it just a joke.

He clearly stated that all the success and improvement he achieved is because of his own hard work and not because of the administration. Devvarman has revealed many things about the Indian Tennis in his full interview on a show called ‘Talking Turkey with Kanthi’, which is a famous show of the Power Sportz channel.