Ahmad A. Najar, the originator of CatchFood

Ahmad A. Najar, the originator of CatchFood

Ahmad A. Najar founder, the website-specific in buying prepared foods online in the Middle East, named CatchFood, their goal is to connect people with different restaurants while sitting at home.

Ahmad sharps out that the popularity of the combined restaurants on the place is the ones who control the development of requirements directed to them by clients through the site through their Dashboard, allowing them to include prices and menus, images of food, controller periods and obtain requests.

And on in what way the place can create a profit, Ahmad spoke: “I would like to highlight here that the values of meals acquired through the site are similar if bought directly from the restaurant though additional charges are made of transport and transfer to the house which is approved by the city and by the region within the range from where an order is placed. So, the site does not take any advantage from the buyer, or the restaurants, as this facility is free of cost in the Middle East to fulfill and match the food needs for both clients and restaurants. ” He included: “We are thinking of earning income in the future by charging an annual subscription fee for the restaurants just to give these restaurants technical support according to the plans discussed”. Any restaurants owner he allowed to rigister his store for free.

Catchfood presented its app in the Middle East. Catch Food is regarded as a worldwide clever apps that goals to link restaurant holders with clients for demanding meals online and supports keeping period and calls cost to persons.

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