AI Image Editing Features in Google Photos Are Now Free

AI Image Editing Features in Google Photos Are Now Free

Prior until now, these functions required a Pixel phone or a Google One membership. The functionalities are also available on Pixel tablets for the first time thanks to the increased access.

The main feature is Magic Editor, which use generative AI to carry out intricate edits like shifting objects or altering the sky. Though it was first released with the Pixel 8 series, it will work with any Pixel smartphone.

Every month, Google Photos customers on iOS and Android devices will receive ten Magic Editor saves for free. You’ll have to pay for a Premium Google One Plan with at least 2TB of cloud storage if you require more.

Although they are more basic, all Google Photos users will have access to these other capabilities. Magic Eraser may erase unpleasant persons and items from the backdrop. Any photo, especially ancient ones, can have its topics clarified with Photo Unblur. On the other hand, Portrait Light modifies the position and strength of lights in portraits.

According to Google, access will be made available within the “coming weeks.” As a result, it can take some time for your account to receive all compatible Photos features.

The features will be made in the midst of increasing rivalry among AI image editing apps and only one day after the Google I/O conference begins on May 14. The business is up against competition from editors that can produce effects similar to Adobe Photoshop, Luminar Neo, Pixlr, and others. Photos might be a good substitute for those competitors, even though it won’t always perform better than them.

Additionally, Google must show that their wider shift to AI results in practical success. The company integrated generative AI into several of its business products, including a Vids tool that generates films for Workspace users, during its Cloud Next 2024 conference. The addition of Photos may encourage more people to utilize Google’s consumer services as well as platforms like Android.