Latest Version of Galaxy AI Now Supports More Languages

Latest Version of Galaxy AI Now Supports More Languages

Arabic, Indonesian, and Russian will soon be added to Galaxy AI, along with three new dialects: Australian English, Cantonese, and Canadian French, according to a statement released by Samsung Electronics today. Samsung gives even more Galaxy customers worldwide the ability to utilize mobile AI, on top of the 13 languages1 that are now available. Later this year, Samsung intends to introduce four more languages, including the traditional Chinese and European Portuguese, as well as these other languages and dialects: Romanian, Turkish, Dutch, and Swedish.

“Committed to democratizing mobile AI for all, Galaxy AI’s language expansion this year will allow even more Galaxy users to communicate beyond language barriers on a scale that is completely unique to Samsung,” said TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics. “We will continue to innovate our technology and pioneer premium mobile AI experiences so that even more users are equipped with the right tools to unleash their unlimited potential.”

Descriptions of Galaxy AI Features

  • Booking reservations while traveling or having a conversation in your grandparents’ original tongue is now simpler than ever thanks to Live Translate, which provides two-way, real-time audio and text translations of phone calls.
  • Through an intuitive split-screen interface, Interpreter can interpret live conversations quickly, enabling persons seated across from one another to read a text translation of the other’s words.
  • Whether you’re sending a courteous message to a colleague or a quick, attention-grabbing statement for a social media caption, Chat Assist can help you master conversational tones by producing context-aware suggestions to guarantee communication sounds as it was meant.
  • Note Assist can provide cover pages, pre-formatted templates, and summaries created by AI to increase your daily productivity.
  • Transcript Assist summarizes, translates, and even transcribes voice recordings using artificial intelligence (AI) and speech-to-text technologies.
  • Browsing Assist creates brief summaries of news stories and online pages so you can keep informed about current events while saving time.

The newly supported Galaxy AI languages and dialects will be made available for download as language packs from the Settings app, with the release of these packs scheduled for April and subsequent months.