Akash Singh Shares How To Increase Your E-Commerce Sales

Akash Singh Shares How To Increase Your E-Commerce Sales

You want to increase your e-commerce sales. We don’t need a crystal ball to know that. So, we brought several tips to help you leverage your online store.

However, the following tips will not always work for you. The ideal is to evaluate and test each action to see if any of them can bear fruit.

If you still don’t understand very well what is the main problem that prevents your e-commerce from growing, we suggest you read about KPIs or indicators and tools.

By evaluating your website numbers well, you will be able to identify the main points for improvement. Let’s go to the tips?

Use Relationship Tools

CRM or Customer Relationship Management tools are very important for your e-commerce. After all, it costs more to invest in acquiring customers than in loyalty.

There are many tools on the market such as Insightly CRM, Zoho CRM, HubSpot CRM, SalesForce, Sugar CRM, Oracle, among others.

Choose a tool that fits within your budget and:

➔ Allow a detailed view of the characteristics of the customers.

➔ Offer insights into what you need to do to build customer loyalty.

➔ Have the necessary integrations.

➔ Be scalable.

With that in mind, chances are great that you will choose the best CRM tool for your business.

Customize Experiences

Customers want a unique experience. According to a survey of North American consumers, around 70% prefer to buy from online stores that offer personalized products.

To make this type of experience available, you can add to your e-commerce the offer of targeted products that are similar to what the customer has already purchased, login accounts that record what has already been purchased, in addition to the delivery address.

All of this makes shopping easier, eliminating steps to completion to increase your e-commerce sales.

Ask For Feedback

Consumers do not always leave an evaluation of the products they have purchased or how the shopping experience was. So don’t be afraid to seek feedback.

You can, for example, send an email a few days after delivery to request a note and comment. This way, future buyers will be able to know if that product is good and if it meets their needs.

Ensure that your social networks have space for comments and evaluations. If there are problems, never fail to respond. After all, even if the evaluation is bad, it can be useful to make changes and increase your e-commerce sales.

Offer A Chat

Make sure your customers can talk to you when they need it. Making a chat available on your website is one way to do this.

But be aware: you need to have a service structure behind to handle the messages.

In addition, chatbots are on the rise and can help resolve issues even without having to speak to a real employee.

Allow The Customer To Try The Product

One of the things that most hinder the growth of your e-commerce sales is the fear that people have of buying the product, and it will not serve. Several stores solved the problem by offering the first free exchange.

Still, others try to put as much information into the product description as possible so that the person makes an increasingly assertive purchase.

Another way to make the sale effective is to use online experimentation solutions.

The Fits Me, for example, is a tester that can be used in e-commerces fashion and clothing. Consumers place their measurements, and the tool suggests the best items for each body type.

There are also augmented reality solutions, in which the buyer can “try out” objects on an avatar.

Eliminate Abandoned Carts

In Brazil, about 80% of customers who visit ecommerce leave their carts abandoned.

Recovering this is essential to increase your e-commerce sales. However, you need to understand why this happens. Is shipping expensive? Are there any additional fees? Is there a problem with UX Design?

Try to understand the entire buying process of the customer and start working to overcome the problem. One of the best tips is to send emails to follow up for those who left, reminding the person that the products are still waiting.

Avoid communicating only through the reminder message: send attention-grabbing emails with discount codes, warning that stock is low, etc. Be creative!

Invest In Your E-commerce Social Networks

Using ads on networks can be a good alternative because they allow a very specific audience. If you have a website that sells material to dentists, for example, you can invest in relationships with other professionals.

Also, avoid becoming attached to Facebook alone. Think about whether networks like Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter are more interesting for your company.


In today’s post, we saw that in order to increase your e-commerce sales, you need to understand what are the problems that prevent you from growing. We suggest that you make an assessment of the indicators for this.

Then, we list some tips to “make it happen”:

➔ Use relationship tools: the power of CRM.

➔ Personalize experiences: consumers don’t want to be just one more.

➔ Ask for feedback: listen to the customer and change whatever it takes.

➔ Offer a chat: being available is important.

➔ Allow the customer to try the product: increase trust.

➔ Invest in your social networks: make ads targeted to your audience.