Albert Chavez, a Mortgage Loan Originator, Believes that Balance is Key to Success

Albert Chavez, a Mortgage Loan Originator, Believes that Balance is Key to Success

Albert Chavez is a lucky man when it comes to the mortgage industry. He has been in the industry as an Executive Mortgage Loan Originator for 15 years. Chavez is one of the best because he helps people out quite easily.

He has received many awards and accolades in his career. Albert was awarded Top 1% Originator for United Wholesale Mortgage. Moreover, he was also recognized as a “Top 25” mortgage broker in the US with over 1700 in loan production, with over $632 million in funded loans in 2019.

Albert is a man who loves helping people out. In an interview, he shared that it is satisfying to see a new homeowner get their keys to their new home. His main goal is to help people analyze the loan type, which is right for them, helping with the structure of the loan application, pricing of the loan, and accomplishing payment goals.

In life, education isn’t that important; Albert believes that degrees aren’t going to help much in real life. He advises the young generation that “sales” is a crucial trait they must inculcate in their lives. Sales, according to Albert, is not just selling products. But it is about identifying the needs of people and providing the service.

Another advice Albert would like to give to the younger generation is that balance is the key to success. One must figure out a way to balance the body, soul, and mind. And practice gratitude every day. It is a daily habit for success.

Albert Chavez is a man of hard work. But he didn’t let that deter him from being a loving family man. He is father to three children, Alyssa (25), Albert IV (22), Kayleigh (19). He believes being a family man to be his biggest accomplishment.

To learn more about Albert Chavez, go follow him on his official Instagram account, @AlbertRChavez.