“Sheyda” Oriental Nu-Disco Track By DJ Phellix & Maria Ebra

“Sheyda” Oriental Nu-Disco Track By DJ Phellix & Maria Ebra

This work aimed to create a piece with a combination of electronic music and Deep house genre. As the initial stages of the work proceeded, a short and effective poem had to be found to continue making this piece and the idea of using Rumi’s poem appeared at this stage. Therefore the most appropriate poem was selected among the poems published in Rubaiyat from the book of “Divane Shams” by the famous Persian poet Rumi.  This poem has been chosen due to the positive energy conveyed by it and its spiritual and effective meaning.

And other reasons could be that much less attention is paid to the unique poems of this mystic group of poets like Rumi, hence it was decided to present these poems in the form of electronic music, which is full of love and mysticism, to the listeners, and also it to be effective, informative and enjoyable as well.

Quatrains are poems written in two couplets, each of which can be lessons and solutions to the problem in the life of a person at any time. Quatrains include 1994 couplets and are a part of “Divan-e-Shams” which consists of 36,360 couplets.

The message conveyed in this poem is that life should be spent in love, madness, cheerfulness, and jubilation and that human life should always focus at the present and not look into the past and future. Furthermore, if life is taken up too seriously and if the meaning of awareness is to look for the negative side, it leads to destruction, sorrows, and feeling of emptiness.

The purpose of this work is to convey love and positive energy to the listeners through the combination of this poem with music and to keep the poems of this great, mystic, and historical poet alive.

Maria Ebra Born In Tehran 24 February 1992, BA Music Composition.

Clarinet Player, Vocalist, music producer, and DJ.

Music Composition in classical, electronic, Deep house & Techno music since 2015.

Mohammad Reza Sadeghi, known as DJ Phellix. Born in Tehran in 28/04/1988. music producer and DJ. Music Composition in Deep house music since 2018.