Alina Rai Launch the Poster and Trailer Launch of Lucknow Junction

Alina Rai Launch the Poster and Trailer Launch of Lucknow Junction

Recently, actress and debutante Alina Rai was in Lucknow for the trailer launch of her upcoming film Lucknow Junction.

The actress stunned in a neon dress were all eyes were on her, As she stood on stage to reveal the poster of her upcoming film. Alina rai captivated the audience with her warm loveable personality as she spoke about how wonderful and welcoming Lucknow has been to her and how she is so pleased to be here again today to announce the film poster and trailer.

The crowd watched with excitement as the trailer played on the big screen and fans went wild upon Alina’s scenes which made the security very hard to control the crowd. It was clear that Alina Rai is a promising upcoming Bollywood actress who has already won over so many hearts already. 

The trailer shows the story of crimes happening in UP and how it is all becoming too much for the people and the police force. It shows that a new sp police officer joins the force and Alina rai who is in search of her missing sister connects with him in order to find her sister.  The trailer then shows the song baabula where Alina rai is seen in a red saree dancing and at this, the crowd’s cheers and excitement elevated so much that there was not much else to left to hear. I think it is possible to say that Alina rai really has made a place in the hearts of Lucknow today.

Alina rai is the lead actress op kaishav Arora, Rahul Roy, Zakir Hussain

The song will be released by zee very soon.

Alina Rai has already been approached for numerous other projects and amongst that one that she can already talk about is her new upcoming movie sorry I’m late where she will be playing lead opposite Mithun Chakraborty son memo.

Well good luck to you Alina Rai we can’t wait to see more of you on screen