Why is it Important to Ensure AFSL Compliance?

All organisations that provide and deal with financial products and services in Australia are required to hold an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL). The AFSL is granted to these organisations by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) after a thorough assessment of several factors. However, the process of application and ensuring compliance is not easy and can get very complicated. It is thus beneficial for the afsl responsible manager in the organisation to avail the services of a competent and effective compliance service team.

Who needs an AFSL, and what is the process?

According to the guidelines by ASIC, a business requires an AFSL if it provides the following:

  • Advice or recommendations to clients regarding which financial products to purchase.
  • Dealing with a financial product on behalf of the client.        
  • Operate and manage investment schemes.
  • Provide or deliver other financial services.

Businesses dealing with financial products and services that do not hold an AFSL can be subjected to hefty fines by ASIC. It is therefore imperative to apply for a licence before undertaking any financial dealings with clients. In order to apply for an AFSL, a business organisation must fulfil certain basic criteria and possess the following attributes, such as having the competency and capability to undertake the financial services mentioned in the application, ensuring the availability of adequate financial resources, and so on.

What is an AFSL responsible manager?

An afsl responsible manager (RM) can be an individual working within the financial services organisation or an externally hired contractor responsible for ensuring proper compliance and competence of the business with regards to providing the required financial services. An RM is required to have the following qualities and responsibilities:

  • Having the required legal and regulatory knowledge to ensure compliance of the business organisation with the rules and regulations of ASIC.
  • Direct control and responsibility concerning daily decisions regarding the business’s financial products and services.  
  • Other criteria specified by ASIC under its Regulatory Guide (RG) 105.

Why it is preferable to have a compliance team

Although applying for an AFSL can be done online, it is generally an extremely daunting task. It requires a lot of time, money, and effort and a lot of legal and regulatory knowledge and expertise. Moreover, it is imperative that the RM ensures continued obedience to the stringent regulatory requirements even after getting the licence. Hence, it is generally advised to undertake the process with the help of specialised consultants, who will guide the organisation with respect to the required compliance needs and obligations.

Many important factors come into play under this process, all of which require legal expertise. A compliance consultant team works with an organisation to ensure that all regulatory requirements are being fulfilled. These include:

  • Drafting customised AFSL policies designed for the specific needs and requirements of one’s organisation.
  • Assistance with the nomination, appointment, training and termination of RMs.                        
  • Assistance and aid for ensuring ongoing regulatory compliance.    
  • Managing different conflicts of interest.         
  • External reviews of the existing AFSL compliance framework of the business.

Companies and businesses that are found to violate the regulations set up by ASIC may face suspension or cancellation of the licence and incur heavy fines and other punitive measures. It is thus imperative for all financial service providers to engage with compliance consultant teams to remain diligent in following the guidelines set up by ASIC.


Unified POS Technology for Franchise Businesses: Benefits and Features

Unified POS Commerce is a technology that lets you integrate all aspects of a retail business, from operational and financial reporting to sales and inventory management.

In the case of franchise businesses, unified commerce solutions offered by companies like GOC Retail can help increase profitability by better managing many areas. They include customer demand planning and forecasting, supply chain planning and execution, credit control for customers and staff members alike, and streamlining staff administration.

Furthermore, it connects a franchise into a coherent POS system that ensures the best performance levels no matter how big or small your company is.

1. CRM and Management Information

CRM is an integral part of a franchise business, as it can allow for greater communication with customers. In addition, the unified POS commerce system allows management teams to assess data from across the whole company at once, rather than from separate departmental systems that may not share information.

This will enable managers to identify trends and issues more efficiently compared to traditional methods of working.

2. Improved Control and Compliance

Traditionally, each aspect of a retail business has been managed on different systems: payroll on one program, stock levels on another, staff scheduling on yet another.

This makes it difficult for managers to create integrated plans and strategies across functions because they don’t have access to all the information relative to their position.

Under such conditions, it cannot be easy to achieve compliance or control over some business areas. Unified POS commerce allows managers to manage their employees on a single system and link payroll and staffing levels with real-time sales figures on the POS system.

This makes it possible for companies to follow regulations more closely and help prevent any errors that may result in fines or penalties.

3. Improved Control and Efficiency

Unified POS commerce gives managers better control over different aspects of the business. Control gives greater efficiency, as information from all parts of the company is integrated into one system accessible from anywhere at any time.

In addition, outlets can operate 24/7 because they can constantly monitor inventories, sales, and staffing levels.

4. More Efficient and Effective Decision Making

Unified POS commerce solutions allow managers to make better decisions and improve customer service and sales figures by integrating different functions into one system.

For example, if a manager has better access to information regarding stock levels across the multiple locations and departments, they can ensure that all outlets have sufficient supplies for peak trading times such as Christmas or during public holidays.

5. Better Strategic Planning with Systems Integration

The lack of integration between different areas is a significant drain on a company’s resources, which leads to poor planning strategies. By integrating all aspects of a retail business, managers can more accurately forecast sales and staffing levels to help prevent under- or over-staffing.

This improves customer service because staff members are not frantically running between outlets trying to keep up with demand. This creates a better experience for consumers, which encourages them to return for future business.

It also makes it easier for management teams to anticipate issues before they become major problems, which can help save revenue by giving managers the opportunity to take care of potential issues in advance.


4 Crucial Factors to Determine the Best Retirement Home Care Services

Taking care of the elderly has become one of the top priorities of society for years. Today, numerous options are offered to provide the best supervision for older people. Countries like Australia implements a comprehensive aged care system offering a wide range of services, including basic support to let older people live at home or in residential aged care facilities. The country also offers all-inclusive retirement home care services for those who want comfortable and safe living conditions in their later years. 

The latest data gathered by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare revealed that 335,889 people have invested in residential aged care services as of 30 June 2020. This aged care option allows the elderly to enjoy an independent lifestyle under the close supervision of dedicated staff. If you consider this aged care service, here is everything you need to know about finding the right retirement home. 

#1: Choose the Right Location

When looking for the right retirement home for your senior years, picking the right location should be your number one priority. One of the first things to consider is its proximity to your family. You should want to find a retirement home that your loved ones can visit as often as possible. 

The retirement village must also be near suburban conveniences like healthcare facilities, public transport hubs, and shopping centres. It would be best if picturesque sceneries surrounded the retirement community.   

#2: Determine the Services Offered 

While all senior villages offer long-term care, you will find different retirement home care services depending on the facility that you choose. 

Some of the most common services that you will get from retirement homes include: 

  • 24/7 supervision
  • Nursing care
  • Daily activity assistance
  • Rehabilitation services (which include Occupational therapy, Speech therapy, and Physical therapy)

Other services offered by different retirement villages include recreational activities, regular social events, and chef-prepared meals. 

#3: Check Out the History and Reputation of the Retirement Community

When searching for the right retirement home care provider, you need to ask several questions to know more details about the facility that you plan to consider. First, you must inquire how long the community has existed and how many years the management and staff have been with the village. 

It will also help to do thorough research about the retirement community you plan to spend your senior years in. You must read different online reviews from the current residents or their families. If you find negative feedback, you can discuss it with the staff during one of your visits. The way the staff will handle an unfavourable review will say more about them. 

#4: Get a Feel of the Senior Living Culture

This factor is difficult to measure or describe. But once you find “the one,” it will be an ideal indicator to tell you that the village is right for you. Since it is hard to explain how to determine the right one for you, it would be best to visit several communities before deciding. 

Observe the community dynamics multiple times on different occasions. It is also ideal to evaluate if the residents and staff members are happy about their community. If every community member shows that you are welcome to be a part of their village, it could help you feel at ease and consider joining them. 

Finding the right retirement home village to spend the rest of your adult life in is crucial for every elderly. If you find the right village and aged care service provider, you can be assured that you will have healthy golden years ahead. 


Glenn Vo: The dentist dedicated to paying it forward

There are a lot of dentists out there, but none of them are quite like the entrepreneurial Glenn Vo. He grew up in Pasadena, Texas after his parents immigrated from Saigon, Vietnam. Growing up, Glenn was always taught to focus on his education and always work hard so that he can one day achieve the highly sought after, American dream. He followed his parents advice throughout his youth and stayed focused on his studies. Regardless of being so focused oriented, he and his siblings did often run into issues along the way.

Whenever Glenn and his four siblings would run into any issues, they turned to their family friend and mentor, Mr.Glenn Leon Rogers. He was there to help Glenn and his family transition into this new country and provided close advice to Glenn in his youth. He remembers the best advice that he ever got was when Rogers told him, “If you find yourself to be fortunate in this life then always pay it forward”. This advice impacted Glenn’s life tremendously. He made helping as many entrepreneurs as possible a part of his future life goals. Glenn may be a very successful dentist now, but he never planned on entering the dental industry. It was not until he spent a week working as his sister’s dental assistant that he decided to go to dental school.

Starting dental school was key in Glenn’s path to success. He also met his wife at the dental school where he was studying. With the help of his wife, he was able to open a dental office alongside her. Denton Smiles Dentistry in Denton, Texas, is the highly successful dental office that Glenn and his wife started in 2009 and have been managing ever since. By combining his passion for entrepreneurship, connection skills, and the things that he did well within his industry he was able to create a strategy for success, he calls it the triangle of genius. In order to keep this dental office from blending in with the rest, Glenn utilized the help of social media and online relationships. He started growing a following and has turned into a prominent social media influencer. Currently, the Facebook account which he uses to reach his audience has surpassed 30k followers. Glenn preaches to his audience how important creating a social media presence is to an entrepreneurs success. He believes that Without a proper online presence, strategy, consistent and quality content, promotion, and an understanding of your audience, you will not gain an online presence.
He has continuously used his social media influencer status to connect with as many people as he can. Using his entrepreneurial spirit he was able to create a platform where any aspiring dentist can go to get help on how to start their own office as efficiently as possible, Nifty Thrifty Dentists was the result. This platform offers plenty of podcasts and live video streams so that everyone has quick and easy access to the information they need. Glenn has been featured on multiple podcasts and has spoken at multiple events in an effort to reach as many people as possible. He has published courses on Groupology so that anyone who wants to learn from him can do so wherever they are in the world. Recently, he has started the process of publishing his own book, “Industry Influencer”. This book is supposed to give its reader all the information necessary to scale their business with social media and other connections. He wants to teach up and coming entrepreneurs the steps necessary to create a successful business and most importantly, he wants to teach them that they need to keep working on their dreams and ignore anyone who tries to put them down. Ignoring everyone who tried to put Glenn down was one of the hardest parts of his journey, but he just had to learn to surround himself with supportive people.


Latest Interview With Travelling Couple Domi & Frida Also Known As Weloveourlife

Hi, Domi & Frida (Weloveourlife). How are you?

Yeah, we are alright! Happy to answer your questions for this interview.

How Would You Describe Your Passion For Travelling?

Exciting. This is how we describe our passion for travelling. Every time we get on a plane, every time we are headed to a new destination, it’s a unique and indescribable emotion. Exploring new places, learning from new cultures, collecting content to share and above all doing all this together are beautiful sensations. We love to travel for all of these reasons and because it makes you an open-minded human being.

Please Tell Us About Your YouTube Channel And Other Platforms You Are Using To Grow.

YouTube is one of our first platforms where we started sharing content. We use YouTube essentially to post vlogs of our travels around the world. It’s a lot of fun to film ourselves on our adventures. Plus we love sharing these videos with everyone on a social platform like YouTube. Moreover, from April 2020 we are also on TikTok as @weloveourlife_ . On TikTok, we publish videos on travel trivia, tips and tricks. Here too we have a lot of fun! YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and our blog are the platforms where we share travel content with our audience and help us grow our web presence every day.

What Place Would You Suggest To A New Couple For Travelling?

It’s a difficult question right now due to Covid-19 not allowing travel to many parts of the world. Thinking about an ideal situation, we recommend starting with small trips, better a weekend. A little journey at the beginning of a love story can be a concentrate of emotions and a memory that you will never forget. We don’t recommend classic clichés like Paris. As much as the Ville-Lumière can be an extremely romantic and perfect destination for a couple in love, it can be a challenging journey for a new couple. For this reason, you can start with simpler journeys, not very far from home. The right mix to feel at ease and forget about everything around.

We Have Looked Over Your Instagram Posts And You Are Just Amazing. But What Makes You Different From Other Instagram Couples?

Thanks you are very kind! We simply try to be ourselves and inspire others with our content. We also love to be inspired by others who share our same passions. However, what really makes us different from others is not our content or anything else, but ourselves. No one is perfect, we are all different and people may love you or hate you as you are. We are simply blessed to have thousands of people who love to follow our adventures on our social channels every day.

Your Photos Are Very Professional. How Do You Always Take These Amazing Photos For Your Blogs And Instagram?

Taking pictures has always been our passion, especially when traveling. There are no secrets behind our photography, but hard work and a lot of time. A photo for us is a memory of a specific day or moment. So why not make it a unique and perfect memory? This is why we always study the details of a scene in advance before taking a shot such as the location, the light, the position and the outfit. This is our work behind every couple shot. However, it’s very difficult to achieve perfection for this reason we sometimes rely on chance and maybe some good could come out of all this!


Fortel works with Constructing Rainbows to promote diversity in Workforce

At Fortel, we are committed to diversifying our workforce and creating a safe space for all minority communities. 

Recently, we worked with @Constructing Rainbows to help fulfil this commitment and continue to put social mobility at the heart of everything we do.

Constructing Rainbows is an award-winning diversity and inclusion specialist that offers expert training and advice, with the aim of making the construction industry more inclusive.

Through implementing all their valuable training here at Fortel, we are looking forward to welcoming a lasting, positive impact.

As a BAME owned company,  Fortel is committed to implementing impactful initiatives that welcome people from underprivileged communities into the industry.

Our leadership and senior staff are encouraged to build self-awareness of their own biases and continue to educate themselves, as we recognise that Diversity and Inclusion is an ever-evolving landscape.

CEO, Sat Nijjer, says: ‘When people with different experiences, from different backgrounds and with different points of view work together, we create the most value – for our clients, our people and our communities’


Landon Bonneville- A Virginian baseball player with hidden talents

It takes lots of effort and time to become a professional baseball player. The history of baseball shows us the names of several players. Each of them has faced lots of challenges to reach the zenith of success. This fact is also true for the budding baseball player, Landon Bonneville. He is presently just 16 years and is dreaming of being a star in the world of baseball.

Landon Bonneville is a baseball player based out of Suffolk, Virginia, USA. He has played for several teams including Western Branch Thunder.

As one of the truly gifted athletes, Landon Bonneville has nurtured his passion and cherished his dream of becoming the best baseball player. It is not simply a daydream of a kid. There are promising talents in Landon Bonneville. Thus, baseball fans all over the world are going to see the performance of a passionate player. Despite being young as a baseball player, Bonneville is nothing less than other stars in this sports field. Presently, L. Bonneville has primarily earned fame and fame as a catcher. He has become a part of the class of 2022.

Since childhood, Bonneville got the inspiration of becoming a professional athlete. As time passed, Bonneville realized his interests in sports like baseball. He has grown up in Suffolk, Virginia, and always followed other celebs to reach their status. His academic career started at King’s Fork High School. While he turned towards his professional career, he was not originally a catcher. The secondary position of this baseball player is the right-handed pitcher.

During the early years of his career, Bonneville watches and plays baseball as a type of entertainment. However, at every moment, he tries to hone his skills as a baseball player. He does not let his skills fade away while sitting idly during the summer season. He joined a team called, Western Branch Thunder, to play baseball. But, these efforts are not simply for practicing the game. He has made some achievements in the world of baseball.

As one of the young pitchers, Bonneville has the ability to throw the fastball at an average of 78 miles an hour. However, he is now successful in taking his speed to 80 miles per hour with regular practices. Moreover, his curveball rate was 68 to 70 miles/ hour, and later, he has made it 71-73 miles per hour. Those impressive stats about his performance can easily make everyone feel that Bonneville is a budding star in baseball history. Moreover, Landon has also played as a member of Team USA thrice till now.

The popularity of Landon Bonneville is unquestionable, as he has gained more than 1 million followers for his social media profile. Thus, it proves that Landon successfully spread his name to several people all over the world. Truly, he is a pride of Virginia as a future professional athlete. However, he has drawn the attention of baseball players in several other countries.

Based on the Prep Baseball Report, the position stat of Landon is a 60 time of 7.59. Moreover, his position velocity is 74, and his exit velocity is about 87. While the standard POP time for any professional player is almost 2 seconds, it is 2-2.02 in Landon’s case.

Landon, a young guy from Virginia, is versatile and likes to test his skill differently. According to Landon, he is ready to accept other professions if he does not get the desired status as a baseball player. This guy has interests in diverse fields, including music and tour management. He has a passion for developing a music business to deal with music promos. In every way, he likes to amaze his fans all over the globe.


Influencing the next generation in his own style is Zachary Tarnopol who through his content creations and gaming abilities is inspiring many

The 22-year-old young creator and famous gamer is all about his passion and determination.

The world is all about how recently the digital mediums have transformed many business industries. Everywhere we look around ourselves, we find people who are making efforts to change or alter the traditional norms of the digital sector and give it their own style and vibe so that it reaches newer and higher realms of the industry. Many youngsters have come to the forefront to show the abilities and capabilities they truly possess and one such youngster who is swiftly moving ahead in this genre and field is Zachary Tarnapool, also known as Poke from Chicago, Illinois.

Youngsters today are drawn towards YouTube for many different reasons, Poke too was amongst those kids and since he was only nine years of age, he was driven to become a YouTuber and a content creator. He was born on April 13, 1998, and today at only 22 years of age, Poke stands strong as the owner of his company called Poke Media LLC, which is a growing business that is all about creation/production to influence the next generation. Influencing is something that Poke was always inclined towards and from the last ten years, this young and talented mind has loved to put himself in front of the camera to influence millions of people through his creative content.

It was in 2017 that Poke established his business with Poke Media LLC and broadened his vision with employees and contractors. His company has been created with the aim to educate the next generation by creating gaming and real-life content and teach lessons to them and make them understand the more significant message behind the same.

Apart from this, there are a host of other things that have made Poke attain so much recognition at such a young age. He is a popular Roblox content creator, with about 4.54 Million YouTube Subscribers and Verified Channel. This amazing platform is a game creation system and a game platform that gives a chance to users to program games and also play games that are created by other users. He also gained much popularity with his notable role as Bacon Soldier in the movie ‘The Last Guest’.

The YouTube channel of Poke already has earned more than 1 Billion + YouTube views. There are various music videos of his like video Ant, SeeDeng, Poke – PRESTONPLAYZ ROBLOX (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO), that earned more than 18 million viral music video views and also 3,25,000 likes.

Besides the name and fame this young mind has earned on YouTube, he is also a verified personality on other social media sites like TikTok with 500,000 followers, Roblox and Twitch with 1 Million + followers. Poke has also been the brain behind the creation and production of a total 248 episodes Amazon Prime Video Series with a total of 36 seasons.

Zachary Tarnopol, the man, known as Poke is also one of the youngest content creators and gamers from the US, who has so far been featured on the various notable press, media and news features like Macleans, GameWave, ABC News, TechZimo, Libero, and so many others.

Follow him on Instagram – or visit his YouTube page – to know more about him and his unique content.


An interview of Cameron Mercadel

It is the detail of an interview with class-of-2024 Cameron Mercadel, and he is 5’11” tall and only a fourteen-year-old understudy contestant dwelling in California. He is one of the luckiest people in the world who have generous support from his family. His mother was also a basketball layer; therefore, he develops an interest in this game in his childhood. 

He is very famous in his school and in the local media where all the sports channel gives him coverage. He highlighted Whistle Sports: “No Days Off” who’s beneath YouTube video gathered 1M sees up until this point. 

Here comes his detailed interview that you must read. 

One-on-one Interview:

Broadly, Mercadel positions no. 2, and no. 1 as a point watch.


 What is the name of your middle school?


 I attended Liberty University online.


 On which high school do you want to go in the future?


He may attend the homeschool Because of COV-19.


What is the inspiration behind the goal to join basketball?


My mom and dad played college basketball, so I was born to play the sport.


 What college program did you think will be the best fit for your style of play?


A college that pushes the tempo on offense and defense


Which skill do you want to improve?


Reading the defense and knowing when to attack to set up teammates.


What do you think about which skills do you need to improve?


 I’m learning how to use my body to create scoring opportunities for teammates.


Did you ever encounter any sport or academic difficulty?


I took Algebra this past year, and in the beginning, it was a tough road. I struggled in the beginning but pulled it together to come out with a 3.5 GPA.


How could you defeat that obstruction? 


I did it by difficult work, commitment, and figuring out how to speak with my instructor legitimately. 


What is your future profession objective? 


I will probably graduate school and play at the most elevated level conceivable. I likewise need to claim an NBA group. 


What are probably the most challenging features you have partaken in? 


John Lucas Camp, CP3 Camp, and Adidas Presidents Day Tournament in Portland Oregon


What should your supporters think about you? 


It’s something beyond b-ball. It’s about solid confidence in Jesus Christ and realizing that I can achieve everything with God on my side. Having character, scholastics, and ability are colossal, and I have every one of the 3.

Social media:

@mercadelcameron2024 you can access him on Instagram to get the chance to watch his videos, posts and direct interaction with the future superstar. 

Long story short, sports is the field where people set different goals and to get these goals, they put all the efforts. Cameron Mercadel is also known for his worth; therefore, he works and practices hard to achieve his goals. In the future, you will see how amazing he set his career. 


Figma templates: Future of design

Figma is a cloud-based design tool that is related to Sketch in functionality and features, but with big variations that make Figma better for team collaboration. For those suspicious of such claims, we’ll explain how Figma templates clarify the design process and are more efficient than other programs at supporting designers and teams work together efficiently.

Figma Works on Any Platform

Figma operates on any operating system that works on a web browser. Macs, Linux machines, Windows PCs, and even Chromebooks can be worked with Figma. It is the only design means of its type that does this, and in shops that use hardware covering different operating systems, everyone can still open, share, and edit Figma files.

In many companies, designer’s use Macs and developers to manage Windows PCs. Figma supports bringing these groups collectively. Figma’s universal nature also stops the annoyance of PNG-pong (where refreshed images are bounced back and forth between design team orders). In Figma, there is no requirement for a mediating tool to make design work available to everyone.

Collaboration in Figma Is Easy and Familiar

Because Figma is browser-based, companies can collaborate as they would in Google Docs. People seeing and editing a file are shown at the top of the app as round avatars. Each person also has a specified cursor, so tracking who is doing what is simple. Clicking on someone else’s avatar zooms to what they are observing at that time.

Real-time file collaboration benefits mitigate “design drifting”—defined as either misunderstanding or straying from an agreed-upon design. Design drifting normally happens when an idea is considered and quickly performed while a project is in progress. Unluckily, this often leads to varying from the established design, creating friction and re-work.

Using Figma, a design element can check in to see what the team is designing in real-time by just opening a shared file. If a designer anyhow misinterprets the brief or user narrative, this feature enables the design lead to intervene, right course, and save countless hours that would have differently been wasted. 

Figma Uses Slack for Team Communication

Figma manages Slack as its communication channel. When a Figma channel is created in Slack, any explanations or design edits made in Figma are “slacked” to the company. This functionality is important when designing online because modifications to a Figma file will update every other instance where the file is set (a possible headache for developers). Modifications to a mockup, warranted or not, are quickly vetted, and the feedback channel is live.

Figma Sharing Is Uncomplicated and Flexible

Figma also provides permission-based sharing of any file, page, or frame (called an artboard in other drawing tools). When a shared link is designed to a frame on a page, the person clicking on that link will open a browser account of Figma, and a zoomed-in view of the frame is placed.