All About Allied Energy: A Growing Energy Development Company

All About Allied Energy: A Growing Energy Development Company

Allied Energy (OTCBB: AGYP) is a company that focuses on the reworking of provable oil and gas reserves in some of the most resourceful areas in the United States. By using their knowledge and research, they have been able to find several-remediation techniques that apply to their properties. Recently, they have begun to expand their operations, and that it is all due to their success leading up to now.

Allied Energy (OTCBB: AGYP) has always been focused on the reworking of oil and natural gas fields. Their primary mode of acquiring these companies was by purchasing existing natural oil and gas fields. From there, they will apply their own technology and focus on finding new ways to increase their profits, their production, and the overall health of the facility.

In the past, Allied Energy has been a part of some key purchases. According to their CEO, George Montieth, their success is attributed to two major factors. As a company, they have been able to strategically fund their key acquisitions as time has passed, rather than failing to plan appropriately for these key investments. They have also been largely successful because of the rising price of oil. With more profitability, they can expand their efforts even more.

Allied Energy’s (OTCBB: AGYP) most recent acquisition is the Northern Texas oil wells of Palo Pinto #1 and Palo Pinto #2. This is part of their acquisition of Energy Management Resources LLC, who agreed to give them two new oil wells in the region. Allied Energy hopes to even acquire two more wells in this region to further their portion of the market share even more.

As early as the 23rd of April, Allied Energy has made plans and investments into getting equipment to the new oil wells, and even preparing the well for the renovation that it needs to increase production.  Their acquisition was finalized within the past year.  It is expected that they will complete most of their work within the calendar year and begin to capitalize on the demand for oil in northern Texas.  

For many reasons, you can expect Allied Energy to continue to grow and expand.  Palo Pinto #1 and Palo Pinto #2 are not the final acquisitions.  It is reasonable to expect Allied Energy to have a considerable amount of oil wells in this region within the next few years.  Compared to other oil companies, they have gained more attention and garnered more recognition.  

Allied Energy is only going to show more profitability and promise in the future!  For more information on Allied Energy (OTCBB: AGYP), check out Penny Stocks to read about the stock and others.  To keep up with current news related to Allied Energy, they are active on social media, specifically Twitter.