How Greene Concepts’ BeWater Shook Up the Bottled Water Industry

How Greene Concepts’ BeWater Shook Up the Bottled Water Industry

Greene Concepts’ BeWater is a recent addition to the bottled water industry, but they have already disrupted the market. Instead of looking at water as a simple beverage, Greene Concepts saw BeWater as a chance to promote a healthier lifestyle.  Through their various products and their mission, they have already sold out on Amazon, and continue to look ahead to a future of prosperity and massive success.

BeWater has been committed to setting new goals and expectations from the very start.  Greene Concepts focused on creating a sustainable and clean product that matched the tenets of Taoism.  BeWater was rooted in simplicity, and their customers adore the benefits of their product.  Unlike companies like Dasani and others, BeWater created their water with the intention of providing additional health benefits beyond the expected.

With a healthy mineral composition and electrolytes, individuals feel refreshed when they have a bottle of BeWater.  Different from other brands, Greene Concepts was focused on making their water refreshing and clean, but also healthy.  Their original labeling was white, to symbolize the clean nature of their beverage, but now they have changed to a turquoise label.  Greene Concepts feels that their new labeling reflects their mission, and makes the customer feel like they are taking a sip out of the purest and healthiest water they can find.

When Greene Concepts (INKW) decided to sell their product on Amazon via distribution centers, BeWater’s customers followed them.  In a matter of days, nearly 6,000 cases of water were sold out of the distribution center with customers wanting more.  While it would take weeks for the cases to be replenished and Amazon to send more out, this was an excellent sign for Greene Concepts.  BeWater’s mission for health and vibrancy for their customers truly did communicate the right message to gain more sales and show the future of the bottled water industry.

Greene Concepts is a new player to the bottled water industry, but they have made it clear that their BeWater is not a short-term trend, but it is here to stay.  BeWater has provided customers with a unique and differentiated product.  It has all the benefits of natural spring water and more.  With the heightened curiosity and customer buy in as well, it is unlikely that these product traits will go away.  If anything, other major companies will also start to catch on to the trends and create their own comparable products to sell!

To purchase any of their products and learn more about Greene Concepts, feel free to follow them on Instagram or check out their website to hear more about BeWater and Greene Concepts! As a trending product, you won’t regret finally buying your first bottle of BeWater!

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