All rounder Anshu Malika Roja Selvamani is one of THE CHOSEN ONE by AwardsArc

There are alot people who are willing to do things but they just have alot to say, they don’t have a plan for it. On the other hand, Anshu Malika Roja Selvamani already made her plans since she was a child and today her success led her to be one of THE CHOSEN ONES by AwardsArc.

Anshu is a full package, like she is really into alot of stuffs. She’s a writer, entrepreneur, programmer, youtuber, artist and a lot more. She’s talented because of her influence she got from her parents who made themself out of scratch. She started by knowing thoroughly the topics that she wished to learn for her business and after that she made connections from where she could have made use of all the opportunities she wanted. She took slow but strong steps to build influence. It’s clear that Anshu really thought about all this in a very clear way as she started her journey when she was 15 years old .

Anshu also faced some problems in this journey and as you all know achieving something is never easy, you have to hustle. There were times when she worked hard and other seniors took credit of it and if she used to raise her voice against this then she was mistreated. But as the time passed, she grew her confidence to face such people so that she can never be used again like she was did before. She also prolonged a disease for a long time. It was a blood disorder because of which she was not available for work like every other person and she was bullied for those things. Anshu faced a horrible past but now it’s behind her shining future.

Anshu wishes to be an entrepreneur and create a massive impact globally. She knows how to get up after falling down and her fighting spirit led her to be one of THE CHOSEN ONES by AwardsArc.

We might see Anshu Malika Roja Selvamani as a successful entrepreneur in upcoming years.