Almost half of a billion clients played Among Us in November

Almost half of a billion clients played Among Us in November

With generally a large portion of a billion people allegedly playing it in November, Among Us has had the most monthly players for a mobile game ever, beating giants like Pokémon GO and Candy Crush Saga. As per Nielsen’s SuperData, the game is “by far the most popular game ever in terms of monthly players.”

The achievement is much more remarkable in light of the fact that InnerSloth — the organization that makes Among Us — just has four representatives. That is around 125 million players for each individual who deals with the game. It’s demonstrated to be well known to such an extent that the studio decided to cancel a sequel that was in progress and just put all its work into improving the first. It even grabbed the eye of sitting senator Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who live streamed herself playing it to attempt to urge individuals to vote, with a group of people on Twitch that crested at more than 400 thousand watchers.

In an email to The Verge, Carter Rogers, Principal Analyst at SuperData, said that the following most famous game as far as monthly active clients just clocked in at 300 million. Rogers takes note of that Nielsen shows up at its figures through a mix of “point-of-sale and event data from publishers, developers and payment service providers.” Among Us’ release on the Nintendo Switch was late enough that it didn’t appreciably affect the game’s complete numbers in Nielsen’s analysis.

The way that Among Us had 500 million players shows the exceptional contact you can get by making a free game that runs on cell phones. As per SuperData, just three percent of those 500 million players were playing the PC version. To place that number in perspective, Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most advertised AAA game dispatches we’ve found in quite a while, and it sold 13 million copies this month.

Obviously, there’s an enormous price difference between the games (Among Us is free on mobile, and $5 on PC), yet it shows that the crowd for mobile games is a lot bigger than different platforms. InnerSloth is attempting to guarantee that Among Us makes them stay power by proceeding to add new content to it, similar to the Airship map with new assignments that is being added ahead of schedule one year from now.