American Airlines collaborates with a startup that removes carbon emissions

American Airlines collaborates with a startup that removes carbon emissions

The first customer of carbon removal startup Graphyte is American Airlines.

The US-based company Graphyte, supported by Breakthrough Energy Ventures, uses a carbon casting technique to turn biomass that has trapped carbon dioxide through photosynthesis into carbon blocks, which are then stored underground.

Because the biomas ‘bricks’ are covered in an environmentally acceptable polymer, the carbon dioxide cannot be released during their breakdown. This eliminates CO2 from the atmosphere permanently, just as previous methods of removing carbon.

By early 2025, 10,000 tonnes of carbon will have been permanently removed thanks to an investment made by American Airlines and the use of carbon casting technology.

Barclay Rogers, CEO of Graphyte said: “This is a landmark agreement for both Graphyte and American Airlines. It demonstrates the growing demand for affordable and scalable high-quality carbon removal credits and the ability of carbon casting technology to make a significant impact in the fight against climate change in the very near term.”

The majority of airlines have concentrated on cutting emissions from their daily operations, such as by buying more fuel-efficient aircraft and low-carbon sustainable aviation fuel. However, American has added carbon removal to its Graphyte collaboration as a way to get rid of any leftover emissions.

Jill Blickstein, chief sustainability officer at American said: “American is focused on accelerating new low-carbon technologies to reduce aviation’s climate impact. Hard to abate industries like aviation will need high-quality, permanent, affordable and scalable carbon credits — including removals — to achieve our emissions reduction goals. We are excited to work with Graphyte to help them scale their important new technology.”