Meddi, a Latin American HealthTech startup, raises $1.7 million in seed money

Meddi, a Latin American HealthTech startup, raises $1.7 million in seed money

Medical Device Resources LTD led a $1.7 million seed investment in the Mexican business Meddi, which aims to extend its wellness and healthcare offerings throughout Latin America.

The creative Mexican health IT company Meddi has announced the successful completion of a seed investment round totaling USD $1.7 million. The esteemed European fund Medical Device Resources LTD, which focuses on global health technologies, led this investment. Prominent investors including Grupo CAPEM, Enlaces, Irrazonable (previously known as Unreasonable México), and angel investors also took part in it.

Meddi, which was founded in 2018 by Mexican businessmen Pablo Aguirre and Roberto Riestra, is transforming the Latin American healthcare industry with its cutting-edge methodology and dedication to accessibility and high-quality medical care. The Mexican business hopes to increase its market share in the healthcare sector and quicken its growth with this fresh round of funding.

“With the support of our investors, we will strengthen our value proposition based on four pillars: technology, prevention, timely care, and coverage for unforeseen events.”

Meddi offers complete health and wellness solutions through its application, which is built on the Software as a Service (SaaS) business model. Meddi subscribers have access to a multitude of services, such as exclusive discounts at pharmacies, clinical laboratories, opticians, and gyms, as well as coverage and protection against unforeseen events via a network of private medical providers. Over 540,000 people in Latin America have benefited from Meddi, greatly increasing their access to wellness and healthcare services.

Being the most inventive healthcare platform in the world is one of Meddi’s most daring objectives. Co-founder of Meddi Roberto Riestra explained the company’s goals, saying, “We envision a future where health is a priority, affordable, accessible, and optimal for everyone.”

Furthermore, Riestra underlined that a key component of Meddi’s purpose is real-time medical research. “We want to change how healthcare is delivered, and we firmly believe we will achieve it,”he continued.

With the help of the funds raised in this round of fundraising, Meddi will be able to grow faster and increase its footprint across Latin America. Pablo Aguirre expressed gratitude to the users, partners, and customers for their trust in Meddi’s innovation and reaffirmed the company’s commitment to them. In order to provide its services to more regional nations, Aguirre also disclosed the company’s intentions to broaden its geographic reach in the upcoming months.

Meddi is emerging as a major player in the Latin American HealthTech startup scene and is well-positioned to have a long-lasting positive influence on people’s lives all over the region thanks to its emphasis on technology, accessibility, and high-quality healthcare.