Andrew Fashion – Entrepreneur, App Developer

Andrew Fashion – Entrepreneur, App Developer

Andrew Thompson, or how he is known as his professional name, Andrew Fashion, is no one special. An entrepreneur from middle school, Andrew had a knack for the business world. He dropped out of high school before age 18 and within a year of doing so, became a multi-millionaire.

The year is 2005. MySpace is all the rage with teens and young adults. The only issue is the site does not have much in the way of flair, a way to individualize your specific page to make it your own. Thompson created a website, It was the first of its kind, and before long, advertising revenue was bringing in approximately $100,000.00 a month via Yahoo.

It lasted for a time. Like most things with social media, MySpace came and went. Thompson switched his interests to crypto-currency, specifically Bitcoin. He turned a modest investment into several million dollars. It was fun for a time, but the dealings with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, in general, were not to his liking. Andrew again shifted gears into another interest – app building.

He joined a startup company, Evolve, his first. The app actually got the very famous Instagram star and workout guru Sommer Ray to be a part, all because of Andrew. Along the way, he raised another modest 1.7 million dollars for the app.

Today, Andrew is living modestly in Los Angeles, Calif., where he bides his time on his newest project, Gypsee. A travel app, Gypsee is set to change the world of travel and adventure completely around. He has tentative plans to launch on the Apple platform sometime after the beginning of the new year. Its goal, Andrew says, is to plan an adventure with friends anywhere in the world. Within six hours, everyone arrives on location – regardless of their initial location in the continental U.S. – and everything for the adventure is covered from the hotel to the activities. All subscribers need do is make simple payments before setting out.

We are all waiting to see what Gypsee and Thompson will produce next.