TOP 6 NYC Spots Used In Famous Movie Scenes!

TOP 6 NYC Spots Used In Famous Movie Scenes!

What are you going to do in New York? Yeah, it is not difficult to find something to do in such a big and adventurous city. There is countless parks, bars, restaurants, and other tourist places. Thousands of visitors come here every day to drive, relax, learn, and enjoy life. New York is a perfect background for movies, concerts, festivals. Honestly speaking, you can meet popular movie bars and restaurants even aimlessly walking through the city. But the city is too big to get around on foot.


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  1. Welcome to Coyote Ugly Saloon

Address: 153 First Ave

Do you remember that dirty saloon for cheap drinks where Piper got her job and started in New York? The movie has made this bar a really famous place. In real life, this is a classic salon for drinks and fun. There are animated dancers and women’s clothes, hanging from the ceiling. It makes this place even more specific as if you find yourself in the movie at the bar counter.

2. Go to Joe’s Pizza

Address:7 Carmine St

What is your favorite food? Living in New York you should try pizza and burgers. This is classic American food. Welcome to Joe’s Pizza! You can meet this cafe everywhere in the city. Just get in and take some coffee with a slice of aromatic pizza. What else makes Joe’s Pizza so special? Peter Parker got his job at Joe’s Pizza as a delivery boy. Do you remember the movie scene?

3. Visit Pershing Square

Address: 42 St

Do you remember a popular movie with Mila KunisFriends with Benefits? You can easily find a scene in the film where main characters usually have their breakfast. In the film this restaurant comes under Central Cafe name. In real life, the restaurant’s name is Pershing Square.

4. Go to Times Square

Actually, if you don’t have much time to travel around the city searching for the most interesting movie places, you should go to Times Square. This is a unique place, full of many movie locations. Do you like The Amazing Spider-Man or Friends with Benefits? Their legendary scenes were filmed here! Also, the sceneries of Times Square you can notice in Mutant Ninja Turtles, Fast & Furious, Birdman. Even if you are not a film-addicted person, you should come here. Times Square is a historical street, bright and noisy with its lights and billboards.

5. Take TMZ Tour

If you feel bad in a new surrounding and don’t have much time for searching around the city, you can take a tour. There is a unique TMZ tour! It takes you around the city to stop at every movie location. You can see all those places with your own eyes! Also, you can see places where the stars ate, played, and lived. Go online for tickets and more information about the bus tour.

6. Visit Wall Street

Wall Street, a popular finance and stock market! Of course, this is the right place to visit for all fans of The Wolf of Wall Street played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Do you remember that film? Of course, you do! Also, Wall Street is often used as a background in many movies about finance. How about The Big Short? You can find a scene from Wall Street in the film, including the Federal Hall, the Trinity Church, and the Charging Bull sculpture. By the way, you can book a hotel to live here, close to Wall Street. No doubts, it can be rather expensive, but you will live in the business heart of New York!

You can easily check that all the best movies in the world were filmed in New York. How about Avengers? Come to New York and try to find familiar landscapes. If you are interested in one film, you can book a hotel not far from that place to spend the minimum on transportation. Being a film addicted person you can rent a vehicle and start scouring the streets of New York right now. Keep in mind that most of these places are cafes and restaurants where you can have a tasty dinner.