Andrey Alistarov – director of the multi-part film “Igroman”

Andrey Alistarov – director of the multi-part film “Igroman”

In February 2018, a multi-part series “Igroman” was released, directed by the famous blogger Andrei Alistarov.

This game is dedicated to the problem of gambling addiction in society.

Director Andrei Alistarov created a film script with an indefinite storyline so that no one could predict how events would develop in the future. The plot of the film depends on the results of real events, which, accordingly, are intertwined with the life of the main character Andrew.

The main character Andrew has been working as a locksmith for many years, but dreams of his own house, easy earnings and big money. Such a desire leads to acquaintance with suspicious individuals who get involved in gambling and other dubious matters.

To get rich? To avoid risk, perhaps even murder?

The director of the series “Igroman” Andrei Alistarov published the current problem of gambling addiction, which is especially dangerous for young people. He shows that this happens to a person when he becomes addicted to games, to what insane acts he agrees, and how, because of this, relationships with relatives and friends deteriorate.

Andrey Allistarov wrote that he was shooting in the comedy genre, and that he personally gave him great pleasure in his work.