Android’s screenshot UI on Pixel phones currently shows a Google Lens translate shortcut

Android’s screenshot UI on Pixel phones currently shows a Google Lens translate shortcut

Google Lens has been flawlessly coordinated into Google’s Android and numerous other cell phones since it was first presented in 2017. Also, maybe one of the most helpful capabilities of it is the ability to translate text off pictures and screenshots.

While the Google Translate application has offered this feature for a long time, Google Lens adds that ability to your camera application and makes the feature available from any part of the UI. In any case, it doesn’t simply permit you to translate pictures, as you can translate screenshots, or parts of a screenshot, also. Also, the screenshot UI on Google Pixel phones currently makes this significantly simpler.

Presently, when taking a screenshot, if the phone identifies your screenshot has text written in a foreign language, the bottom UI will give you a “translate” button close by “share” and “edit”. It will at that point automatically identify the text and translate it to English for you. From that point, it will permit you to either copy the translated text or download the foreign language to permit offline translation.

Having this feature is quite helpful. In case you’re perusing something in another language and want to rapidly translate it without really copying the text and moving it to the Google Translate application (or regardless of whether the context is written in an image and not copyable), this feature permits you to simply take a screenshot, tap translate, and you’re all set like a flash.

Pictures that don’t have any writing won’t have the button pop-up, as Google Lens searches for the text prior to offering to translate it. Obviously, it’s additionally not amazing at this time, as 9to5Google reports that the button sometimes pops up when the screenshot displays English text.

This feature seems to be already carrying out to Pixel clients running stable Android 11, however in the event that you don’t have it yet, it might take some effort to arrive at your gadget. The feature seems to be attached to a server-side flag in Device Personalization Services.