Dr. Amir Feily laser method changed the world of many nontreatable patients

Dr. Amir Feily laser method changed the world of many nontreatable patients

Dr. Amir Feily, an Iranian dermatologist who has also been selected as the best dermatologist in Iran, has developed a new method for treating lost skin tissue by laser.

Intrestingly by one session laser he has meticulously repaired a lot of lost tissues and by stimulation of new tissues returned them to their original state.

The following patient is an example of a patient who has achieved the exellent result only with one laser session.
By creating the Feily method, he made a huge change in the field of hair transplantation in the world and brought it to the world record,

Unfortunately, this method has not yet been disclosed by Dr. Feily, and many dermatologists around the world are interested in obtaining this information in treating their patients.

He also invented some intresting methods in the feild of laser treatment for truma and acne scars and also melasma and got very exellent results in the treatment of resistant cases. Dr. Feily has won many awards in this field, one of the most important of which is the Razi Festival nominee award.

He participates in the world’s major skin and hair conferences every year and as a lecturer in these conferences,
he expresses interesting contents of his research. Dr. Feily has published around 100 articles so far.

Most skin and hair magazines in the world use Dr. Feily’s articles to complete their magazine.

Dr. Amir Feily is mentioned in the biggest skin and hair articles in the world. He is still patenting his new inventions.

By inventing a new method for hair and skin laser implants, he created a
great change in the field of hair and skin implants in the world, and this method is called Feily Method.

He also won the title of the selected young person of Razi Festival.

Dr. Feily has also had very interesting results in improving patients with resistant spots and treating various scars such as acne, surgery, leishmaniasis, burns by inventing new and unique methods in laser. Dr. Amir Feily is also the inventor (Feily method) that this method of hair transplantation has not yet been discovered and used by anyone around the world and is used only by Dr. Amir Feily in the whole world.

Among the honors of Dr. Amir Feily, the following awards and honors can be mentioned:

Dr. Feily has authored over 100 Papmindex articles on skin, hair, and beauty, and has served as chair and honorary speaker at many international congresses, including the 8th International Congress of Clinical Dermatology in Brazil,
the 11th Global Congress of Dermatologists in Dubai, Dermoparti Congress 2016 in Slovakia and Turkey National Congress of Dermatology in 2017, selected workshops on the innovative method of hair transplantation (Feily method).

He has also been selected as an honorary chairman and speaker at the 2017 Cosmetic Dermatology and Hair Care Congress in France, the 2017 New York Clinical Dermatology Congress, and the 12th Congress of Global Dermatologists in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Feily received the Global Education Award from the International Society of Dermatology in 2013, and in 2014 received the Imrich Sarkani Memorial Award from the European Academy of Dermatology in
Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

In recent years, Dr. Feily won the fourth place in the 18th and 2nd place in the 20th Razi Medical Science Research Festival, and this year he won the first place and selected young researcher in the field of clinical sciences and health in the 22nd Medical Science Research Festival.