Anihac Pharma – Highest Standard Sports Nutrition Company

Anihac Pharma – Highest Standard Sports Nutrition Company

Dr. Anuj Choudhary established Anihac Pharma to provide sports personnel with the high-quality nutritional supplement they need to achieve the skill and strength required to compete internationally. It’s not a big surprise that Anihac Pharma has made its mark in the sports industry in a short period.

Est. in 2019, Anihac Pharma and its team are exceptionally customer-centric. Providing high-quality nutritional supplements at an affordable price has created a loyal customer base for Anihac Pharma. Sportspersons using its product highly endorse the products that they use. Due to this loyal customer base, this brand has grown exceptionally over such a short time.

Sports personnel go through vigorous training to compete at the International level, where they need to demonstrate exceptional skill and strength to compete with the best in class. The nutritional supplement plays a vital role in achieving the necessary skill and strength to compete at such a high level. Anihac Pharma ensures to meet their requirement without being a burden to their pocket. It highly focuses on providing the best quality supplement to its customer.

Anihac Pharma was started due to Dr. Anuj Choudhary’s love for sports and fitness at a young age. The dream of representing India at the international level kept him motivated since childhood. But destiny wanted him to be a source of light that helps others achieve their dream. During his college in 2004, he met with an accident that prohibited him from lifting weight professionally. After this, he transformed his career from a pharmacist to a sports science specialist after completing his Ph.D. in sports science. After completing his Ph.D., he started Anihac Pharma and also guided sportspersons as their mentor and coach.

Dr. Anuj Choudhary’s knowledge and guidance have helped many sportsperson to achieve their dream. Anihac Pharma is one such medium through which he helps youngsters like him that aspire to represent India at the international level. The high-quality nutritional supplements of this company help contestants internationally to achieve the strength and endurance required.

Anihac Pharma has many manufacturing plants all over India. The largest being the one based in Uttrakhand. All the manufacturing products are Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and ISO 22000:2018 certified. Its trademark has been registered in the USA. Whey protein, DHA protein, fat burner, creatine, pre-workout, glucose, weight gainer, maltodextrin, BCAA powder, testosterone, Amino acids (glutamine), and a multivitamin are some commonly produced product.

Anihac Pharma had sponsored Mister Model Worldwide 2019 in which contestants from Afghanistan, Algeria, Armenia, Bangladesh, Belgium, China, India, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, USA, and South Africa participated and demonstrated their skill. With this event, Anihac Pharma has made his name visible to sportsperson all over the world.

The CEO and Director Dr. Anuj Choudhary works tirelessly to fulfill the needs of the sportsperson’s nutritional requirement with the highest quality. His personal passion for sports with a customer-centric approach has resulted in creating such a loyal customer base that endorses every product they use.