Anker’s MagSafe-compatible battery pack will attach to your iPhone on March 3rd

Anker has released another MagSafe-compatible battery pack that can join straightforwardly to your iPhone to offer charging without the requirement for a cable, 9to5Google reports. The Anker PowerCore Magnetic 5K Wireless Power Bank will launch on March 3rd for $39.99, beating Apple’s own reputed MagSafe battery product to market — with one major caveat.

The PowerCore Magnetic 5K Wireless Power Bank sports a 5,000mAh battery and Anker’s usual power bank configuration, including a LED indicator light to tell you how much power is left in the gadget. The gadget additionally includes USB-C output for accusing of a cable also. An extra 5,000mAh is an important lift, particularly for the more modest iPhone 12 mini, yet it’s restricted by the gadget’s absence of MagSafe certification.

Certified gadgets, similar to Apple’s own chargers, can charge the iPhone at 15W, while the PowerCore is left with more slow 5W charging. Its magnets may allow it to stick where other MagSafe accessories go, however the PowerCore can’t offer the typical MagSafe benefits.

Apple’s been supposed to be building up its own MagSafe battery accessory for iPhones, which would almost certainly be fit for the faster 15W charging times. Apple’s gadget was at first referred to in the iOS 14.5 beta, yet that reference has since been taken out. Until that accessory is released (if it ever is), Anker’s new PowerCore appears as though a strong alternative for more helpful wireless charging in a hurry.

The $39.99 PowerCore Magnetic 5K Wireless Power Bank was accessible for preorder on Amazon however has since left stock. The Verge has contacted Anker about restocks of the gadget in front of its March 3rd launch and will update on the off chance that we find out additional.