30-Year-Old Entrepreneur Simon Walder Wants to Make “Big Waves” in the Real Estate Industry

30-Year-Old Entrepreneur Simon Walder Wants to Make “Big Waves” in the Real Estate Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has generated an unexpected boom. With banks reducing interest rates to unheard of levels, the real estate market has skyrocketed. This is especially true for commercial real estate as companies are buying, selling, and refinancing at a breakneck pace to take advantage of historically low APRs. And it is a very good time for agents like Simon Walder.

Putting himself through college at Ball State University by selling alarms door to door, Simon worked for a dental office for 5 years after graduation. Yet his area of expertise was not the medical side of dentistry but the office space aspect. To date, Simon has helped almost 100 dentists build and open their own offices.

This interest in commercial real estate investment led Simon to create his own company, Uptown Capital LLC. While he continues to assist dentists in leasing and building offices, Simon’s focus has turned to value-added retail and mixed-use properties. Uptown is constantly adding to its portfolio and list of investors who want to make passive income through real estate. And there is no need for investors to directly manage the property, tenants, or maintenance since Uptown handles all of this directly.

Simon noticed that dentists were losing a lot of money on leases. To reverse course, he showed them how owning their own strip shopping centers could recover rent expenses. If the other tenants in the center paid the dentist rent, this would cover the lease expenses of the dental office. As Simon introduced this strategy to more and more dentists, he realized it was time for him to start investing as well.

This issue is Simon didn’t have the time to find assets or the actual real estate transactions. With that came the founding of Uptown Capital, a testament to Simon’s entrepreneurial side. At only 30 years old, he is ready to make “big waves” in the real estate industry. Now that his company is handling several things, Simon has more time for church, golfing, reading, working out, volunteering, and spending time with family.

Simon enjoys sharing his drive with others and surrounding himself with a motivational network. He also seeks guidance and mentorship from the best minds in the real estate business to further his career. Armed with knowledge and passion, this up-and-coming commercial realty mogul is off to a very good start.