Apple shares new how-to videos featuring iPadOS features on YouTube

Apple shares new how-to videos featuring iPadOS features on YouTube

Apple today discharged iPadOS 13 for all iPad clients with features like Dark Mode, keyboard gestures, new performing various tasks abilities, an redesigned Home screen, and more. To feature these abilities, the company has likewise discharged four new videos on its Apple Support YouTube channel that show what clients can do with iPadOS.

The first video explains how to utilize the new Slide Over features accessible on iPadOS, which presently permits to get to later and most loved applications with only a swipe rapidly.

In another video, Apple features the upgrades over performing multiple tasks on the iPad. Clients can open two next to each other windows from a similar application, something that was recently limited to the Safari web browser.

iPadOS 13 likewise offers new ways for editing texts with some accommodating gestures like three-finger pinch to duplicate anything and a pinch out with three fingers to paste from clipboard.

The new QuickPath keyboard presented with iOS 13 enables them to swipe their finger starting with one letter then onto the next to enter a word on iPhone. QuickPath is additionally accessible on iPadOS with a floating keyboard, which is advantageous for one-handed use.

There’s additionally another iPadOS publicizing on Apple’s primary YouTube channel demonstrating considerably more features, for example, full-page screen captures in Safari and thumb drive the board utilizing the new Files application.