Apple to Launch New High-End Air pods and Over-Ear Headphones

Apple to Launch New High-End Air pods and Over-Ear Headphones

Maintaining and building a better reputation is among the things leading companies to venture into. On the other side, Apple is changing its game strategy by stepping up its technique when it comes to audio devices. Apple has plans to officially launch an unveiled high-end air pods which is a brand home pod. And more so a new over-ear headphone.

According to Bloomberg recent reports, rumors on the new improved music device and classic speakers have indicated being swirly for recent months. This brings to attention that, Apple is responsible for bringing an entirely new different high quality and highly anticipated devices with exclusive upgrades to life.

The new headphones, air pods, and the new Home pod could be released early s 2019, though there is no specific timeline yet. According to sources like Bloomberg, this Cupertino based giant tech is looking forward in the production of air pods with noise cancelation properties with waterproof qualities. Apple nevertheless, wants to ensure that this new High-End Air pods can work as far as possible from the tablet or smartphone companion.

Unlike jumping into a pool, these air pods are convenient for rain season due to their water resistance feature. So one should have no worries on the damaging precipitation of the air pods earbuds. This new device is ideal for long run even in rain. In addition, Apple is considering the addition of biometric sensors to this unique air pods devices.

This means that the newly unveil air pods will contain heart rate monitor and other health products. Considering this exclusive features, Apple has announced that, this new Air pods will cost more than $160 like they cost at given time.

For release dates, Apple initially tended to release this new device latest 2018 but due to setbacks, it was not possible to do so hence the delayed launch timeline. On the other hand, Apple is venting in partnership with the headphone set production, though the deal is yet to begin.

Finally, Apple is intending to create high-end audio products which can or will offer competition to audio production companies like Sennheiser and Bose other than utilization of beats branding which will feature the company’s name. it is uncertain what or how this product will look like but Apple has assured the best audio device to be launched in 2019.

As we wait, we will keep you posted on the new products and developments made on this specific device among others.