Architecture is a word that is defined by Helia Rad

Architecture is a word that is defined by Helia Rad

Architecture as a profession

Architecture is the profession of designing buildings, open spaces, community centers, and other artificial environments, taking into account the aesthetic influences in the design process, and often includes designing or selecting accessories and decorations, reviewing and supervising construction activities, and renovating existing buildings. . Architecture has been described as a passion, profession, vocation, business, social art as well as artistic and skillful knowledge. According to Vitruvius (Roman architect and historian), architecture provides strength and stability, a useful product, and pleasure and happiness.


Architectural Design

Architecture is everywhere. Every building, whether home, school, office, hospital, store, etc., is designed for a specific purpose. It is essential that these buildings and the environments they create; Next to the neighborhoods and cities that are part of them; To be designed in such a way that according to the urban context and use of the building, they can provide the best possible conditions for residents and users.


Architectural design primarily; manipulates space, volume, texture, light, shadow, materials, programs, and realistic elements such as costs, manufacturing methods, technologies, and the like in a creative way, distinguishing it from engineering design. There is no single approach to architecture, and each construction project must be able to respond to its unique circumstances.

Architecture and building

Architecture is not limited to the building itself and is something beyond that. Architecture is a particular concept or idea. This idea can be about construction or how people use a building or even how a building is placed in a landscape. Throughout its history, human beings have been able to make immortal works and signs of their own by using various media such as language, art, science, and architecture. Concepts and ideas developed by architects are very important for living, thinking, and working in contemporary conditions. Ideally, architecture, rather than merely setting the stage for significant life changes; Participates in shaping these changes